LG Tone+ Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review!


The LG Tone+ Wireless Bluetooth headset is a wireless and stereo earbuds that will allow you to listen to music and talk on your phone easily all without wires or being tangled up.

If you talk a lot on your phone, listen to music all day long like myself, or perhaps you work out, you will definitely want to get one of these. My last wireless bluetooth headset before this one was Motorola bluetooth headsets, which were really uncomfortable to wear and the battery didn’t last long, it’s still collecting dust somewhere in my garage. (I hope it dies!)

What I really like about the LG Tone+ is that you have the freedom to take the earbuds off when you don’t want to use it and it just hangs from your neck like a necklace. When you want to use it, you can quickly put the earbuds in your ear and ready to go. No more fidgeting with tangled earbuds in your pocket and wasting your precious time. Plus, these are super light-weight and comfortable to wear all day long.

The LG Tone+ is also great because it comes with call, play/pause, and next/previous buttons which are ergonomically positioned so you can easily access them. No more fidgeting with your smartphone, pick up calls, skip to the next song, pause and play easily and quickly.

Hey, I am not the only one who uses this, I’ve seen more people wear these in real life than any other earbuds, I am sure many of you already one of these and swear by it. Last week, the furniture mover that brought a new sofa new my house was wearing it. Last month, I saw a guy who works at a local Smoke Shop wearing these. I see like at least one person wearing these once a month and I don’t go out much in public. But I’ve never seen anyone wearing other brand wireless earbuds in the last 6 months, that says a lot about a product I think.

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Max Lee

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1 Response

  1. yerman says:

    Got mine approx a year ago (HBS730), the sound quality is super, especially with viper4android. The only downside is poor bluetooth reception.