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Barometer HD App for Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note! [App of the Week]

Want a barometer on your Android smartphone? You can if you own a Galaxy Nexus or a Galaxy Note, both which come with a barometer chip.

This could be a great way to keep in touch with your local weather without relying on your local TV station.

As for me, this is going to work great as I like knowing the atmospheric pressure as I live near the ocean and love trying to guess the weather tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Barometer HD App for Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note! [App of the Week]

  1. patrice lenglart says:

    don’t you give a link ?

    Thank’s for your lesson of CMR, how can i have cwm on my gnote which is actuelly 5.0….?
    I’m coming for Iphone to galaxy, the first one is an SGS, and now Gnote which is pretty better, I am here to understand how android works, I’m still on XDA, still try, CriskeloRom, MidNoteRom and others, what is , for you, today, the one i have to try ?

  2. Heather says:

    I consider this specific blog , “Barometer HD App for Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note!
    [App of the Week] |”, pretty engaging not to mention the blog post was in fact a good read.
    Thanks for your effort,Skye

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