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How to Fix Play Store Error!

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For those of you having some trouble with your Play Store such as Play Store force closing or giving you an error when downloading/installing/purchasing new apps, here’s a simple way to reset Play Store data and make it work again.

Some error messages you might be getting are like, “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped.”, “Error processing purchase”, or similar error messages.

So, let’s try fixing it by clearing data in Application Settings.

Step 1. Go to Settings and go to either “Application manager” or “Apps”.  This may differ slightly depending on the type of Android smartphone/tablet you have.


Step 2. Select the “ALL” tab and find “Google Play Store”.


Step 3. Press on “Clear data”, “Clear cache”, then “Force stop”, in that order.


Step 4. Open Play Store and you should be welcomed with Google Play terms of service pop-up window.  After that your Play Store should work nicely.  This will work on pretty much any Android device, for both rooted and not rooted.


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50 Responses to How to Fix Play Store Error!

  1. Jonathan says:

    I tried this information for my 7″ CRAIG touch screen Android tablet version 4.0.3 to delete the cache and the Google Store Play app is still crashing. CRAIG model number is CMP741e

    Thank you for trying though/


  2. sourabh says:

    still it’s not working…

  3. craszh says:

    Hi MAX,

    This is not working for me I installed BlackStar BlackJellyBean from XDA for galaxy note i717 and installed their theme work fine at first. After Titanium restore apps my Play Store keep getting force closes. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

  4. carlos says:

    Hi its still not working i tried so many times but its not working wew

  5. jhen says:

    still not working, what will I do?!

  6. zeinab says:

    still not working, what will I do?!

  7. perla says:

    its still not work, cant install apps. PLEASE HELP

  8. gladys says:

    Still not working…:-(

  9. • chaaaa • says:

    hey i tried doing the things you instructed but when i open my google play it suddenly disapperas .. please helpme .. my tablet is samsung GT-N800 ..

  10. astrie says:

    hufhhh still not working phewww

  11. dimas says:

    yeahh,,,it’s workingg!!! thanks
    the steps :
    1.remove your account google
    2.go to setting –> apps –> google play store –> clear cache –> clear data –> force stop…then turn off your android,,,wait 5-10 sec,,turn on… google play store with new account :)
    it’s working to me….

  12. J Williams says:

    Had same problem found there are 2 steps

    1. Select the Google Play Store app, and then tap “Clear data” and “Clear cache”.

    2. Select Download manager and tap “Clear data” and “Clear cache”.

    Worked had tried step 1 over and over did not work until I found out about Download Manager step.
    Hope this works for you

  13. jugal biyani says:

    Still play store not working

  14. ismail says:

    mine not working?? whats da problem?

  15. huhuhu says:

    try setting up the right time and date

  16. Yazdan says:

    Go into recovery mode wipe cache reboot and open play store it ask you to accept then it will work

  17. Sarah Wassell says:

    Worked perfect and faster than ever thanks!

  18. HUSAIN says:


  19. Edi says:

    Hi , I have Samsung Galaxy Young S5360 . Google Play Store is not working , I did what you said , but it always not working , can you tell me what can I do except for what you said ? I cleared my data , my cache , and it doesn’t work .

  20. fauvad says:

    its working now thnaks

  21. tsitsi says:

    ufff! it worked, thanx lots

  22. tsitsi says:

    it worked. thanks

  23. eaglevi says:

    it worked. Thanks

  24. Rj says:

    Fucking 3rd class Android System.. didn’t working shame on u … Samsung Company

  25. Paula says:

    I did the steps just like it said twice and we still get an error message on my daughters phone she has the Samsung Galaxy S3 I know that the verison of play store that she has is the same as the one on my HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE and mine works just fine.

    Any other ideas we tried Verizon’s tech support and they were no help.

  26. Mubashar Aslam says:

    Easiest way to solve the problem is: go to setting, application manager, all, click menu and click on “Reset app preferences” and reset apps.

    You will not lose any data and all application preferences will be set to default. Which solve the problem.

  27. stan the man says:

    check your download manager is enabled had the same problem with my play store and it seemed that the download manager was disabled worked for me

  28. Katherine says:

    i dont even have the Play store in my Application Manager.
    its gone cant update i have the icon on my phone S4 but dose nothing

    Help please i cant buy or update anything

    • donna says:

      same here… please help… the icon is missing and keep unfortunetly google play store has stopped what to do help

    • donna says:

      try this….
      Goto Settings->Applications->Downloaded Apps, press left button ( popup appears with 2 items : “Sort.. ” and “Apps Preferences.. ” ) choose “Apps preferences”" and after that, the error disappeared and i could download apps from Google Play again !

  29. Best IT Jobs says:

    Thanks work it for me..

  30. anointed says:

    Resetting app preferences wirked for me

  31. hsvdhdjg says:


  32. kiko says:

    Still not working, ive change my account, it did work and after 10 min, it stopped again. Somebbody please. Tell me wat to do.,

  33. kiko says:

    wer can I find the recovery mode for my sony tablet s. Tnx

  34. justin says:

    So I have tried everything on here, that everybody has offered and like Google Play Store is still not working and its giving me the unfortunate of a Google Play Store has stopped, Nothing i Nothing is working!

  35. justin says:

    So I have tried everything on here, that everybody has offered and like Google Play Store is still not working and its giving me the unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped, Nothing i Nothing is working!

  36. nidx says:

    Google play store nt working. Ive tried evrything. Plz help n now its nt even showing fb, whatsapp and othr apps bcx they r nt getting updated bcx of this error. My phone is samsung galaxy grand duos.

  37. Hamza says:

    still not working

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