How to Make 4K Timelapse Video w/ Android and Camera FV-5!


If you want to make a high quality 4K timelapse on your Android smartphone, you will definitely want to use the Camera FV-5 as it comes with intervalometer (that automatically takes photos for the interval you set).  There are apps that make timelapse videos for you but the quality you get out of them will be nowhere near doing it this way by taking our photos then post-process them with desktop software Adobe Effects.  And if your Android smartphone supports RAW images (like LG G4, OnePlus One, Nexus 5/6), you will have more control over your images in your final edit, even remove noise from low-light shots.

This is pretty much the method used by timelapse pros using DSLR cameras but the instructions are nearly identical except for the camera itself.

Step 1. You will obviously need to get a camera with an intervalometer feature, you can grab the Camera FV-5 app on Play Store for couple bucks.


Step 2. Make sure you put your phone on a tripod using smartphone mount like Reticam.  You will want to make sure you phone does not move during the entire timelapse.

Go into AWB settings and set the white balance to AWB, which will make the app find the right white balance for your shot.  Then go back into AWB settings and lock your white balance by hitting the lock button.  This is because we are shooting sunset and the light will change from bright to dark.  If we set the white balance to auto, you will end up with an array of rainbow colors in your shots which you don’t want.



Step 3. If you have a good focus point, you can use auto-focus but if you are shooting something like a sunset where your scene will eventually get pitch black dark, the phone may have hard time focusing so set it to manual or infinity for most landscape shots.

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Max Lee

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  1. Brendan James says:

    Hi great tutorial however we all know that you can do anything with after effects and editing time lapse photos with a computer. What I and I’m sure many others are curious to know is if there is an app to compile and shoot 4k timelapses in the field using only your phone – I havn’t been able to find anything! Hopefully something will develop soon.