Top 10 Best Apps – September Roundup

The Play Store is full of great apps, but there is also way too much junk to scroll through to find a gem, and that’s why I’m here, to save you time on getting your next BEST & NEW Apps. Oh, best of all, 99% of my app roundups are FREE! Thank me later, now go get your download on.

You can watch the video review if you wish, or simply scroll for links below the video to direct you to the apps.


Google Play Apps: In my words;

1. A Liquid Cloud LWP


For my App series, I like to showcase a live wallpaper first. So, for this roundup, you’ll get a smokey cloud underwater look with smooth transitions. Some wallpapers drain or slow down your phone, but this played nice on my devices. The free version gives you 2-3 color schemes to choose from, while the paid version will unlock several more, although the free choices are already good ones alone. If you’re a fan of Live Wallpapers, I bet you’ll like it.


2. Navbar Apps


Most Android phones have on screen navigation buttons, so if you have them, you can customize the navbar to any color of choice, or have it automatically match the apps color. You can also choose your very own pictures to layout behind those softkey buttons. There may be certain apps you won’t want a custom color for, so you can disable it in certain apps. It’s a great customization app that works without root. Go try it out for yourself!


3. Status


For those who want to change up the way your status bar looks without root, you can get an overlay to replace your stock status bar. It’s simple to set up and pick colors to match your app theme you have open, although you can set a blue status bar color for when you have the YouTube app open, rather than a black or red bar (depending on your phone version). You can rearrange the clock, date, toggles and customize the way you get notifications. Again, no root is required to change the appearance of your phone. This is a great customization tool for those that like that sort of thing.

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