Galaxy Note 3 Giveaway! [CLOSED]


We will be giving away TWO brand, new Galaxy Note 3 of your choice (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or international model) on October 9th, 2013 12PM PST.  You must be 18 or over to enter the giveaway but it is open to all countries/internationally.

To enter the contest, you simply have to subscribe to our E-Mail newsletter and confirm your e-mail address.  We will pick TWO random winners (live) on October 9th, 2013 12PM PST.

If you’ve entered our previous contest like Galaxy S4 Giveaway, you may already be entered.   You can try subscribing again to confirm you are currently subscribed or not.

To enter the contest, simply use the sign-up box at the top of this website.

*We do not sell/share your e-mail address with anyone else. You will only get high on Android with high on Android news. You can see an example of High On Android news here.

**By entering the contest, entrant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the contest and from and against any liabilities, losses, claims, demands, costs (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys¡¯ fees) and expenses arising in connection with any breach or alleged breach by me of any representation made in the entry or by virtue of submitting the entry.

Winners Announced HERE:

Winner correction for 9323:

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  • Charlie Crawford

    Amazing, because I cannot afford the greatness. Thanks HighOnAndroid! Good Luck to all!

  • Alexander Sustache

    So all i have to do is subscribe? and the winner will be choosen automatically? Cool! im always high on android!

  • Elder

    I hope I win this awesome, awesome phone in the Verizon network…..

  • tabish

    I hope I win this because I am always high on android and I can’t afford a new one and I am the biggest fan of Samsung

  • ashrakt

    i hope i win it …. omg this is great

  • Oh god, i hope i might win this because with my 10$ worth phone, i could really need an upgrade since i’m a student. I love android and samsung and i wish i could afford this one ( i sold my last nexus 4 :(. miss it :/ ). But good luck for everyone and best wishes for the winner of course, he is a lucky one. Cheers from Tunisia :)))

    • Tablo

      Giving your “sad” stories wont make give you more of a chance of winning.

      • KiiDPoLo

        LoL, I Know Right

  • Ghassan Alsaleh

    I am already subscribed before. I would like to win so much. Good luck to all

  • steven costa

    When I try to submit form it says there is something wrong with the webpage please help max.

  • feras alnimie

    Man I can’t believe how lucky I am I have never ever never win thing in my life even if it was prise less hope I win I believe alot with u even if I didn’t get it I will and stay huge fan of your work stay up with that competitions and phones reviews root cases information romz and many other stuff

  • feras alnimie

    Best love ::( im not ***))

  • jesus.rodriguez

    What about if you have already subscribe

    • feras alnimie

      No need to subscribe again did watch the video

  • ken

    Everyrime i put my name and email and click submit it cannot open the link..why cant i subscribe?

  • Edward Y

    Awesome. I’ve been signed up, so I’m in.

  • Nathaniel dalieh

    I’ve been subscribe to high on android since the first galaxy note came out. Imma loyal subscriber lol, for real tho.

  • Ramon

    I wish to win this baby gonna be my birthday present cause my birthday is the day before the contest lol.

    • asia

      yooooo is your last name grant??

  • teckmeng94

    omg @@
    i hope i will be the 1st MALAYSIAN to get a giveaway from high on android !!! XDDD

  • technick89

    its 1080p and larger battery

  • lambha

    I want this awesome note 3 it can record 4k videos this is ‘the beast.’

  • Nice one max.

    A phone with a 4k video recording pretty cool.
    Subscribed to your news letters from the time of the galaxy s4 giveaway . Hope I will win this time

  • Yeahh….really excited…My note 1 is really aging but not enough resources to upgrade! but I hope I win 😀 and best wishes to all!

  • Noach de Droid

    Thanks for doing this giveaway max 🙂 Good luck everyone 🙂

  • tunir

    good luck every1 🙂

  • Newton gaire

    thats the real way of getting high on android

  • Steve

    Many Thanks for Great and entertaining reviews and now a chance to win the latest and greatest from HIIIIIIIII on Android ^^
    Keep up the good work!!!

  • prathvi shetty

    nice job max. keep doin such social services

  • Mouhamed

    I want this so bad

  • Rednine

    Just thought I would let you know that I tried twice with my Yahoo account but I never received the confirmation email. I checked the bulk folder too. When I used my Gmail account it worked like a charm and the email showed up in just a couple seconds.

  • Steven

    THANKS…You’re the BEST! Been following you for a while! 🙂

  • lee chun xiang

    Want it badly.. hope to get it..

  • ben3x

    Yo max. I know I will not win, even though I have been following you since the beginning. However keep on high on Android.

  • Georgy

    I’m a die hard high on android fan and I never win anything. Hopefully my luck changes this time.

  • Alex

    Ii i win i Will ne cerem happy-end! Every Day i enter to high on android and Galaxy s2 root to see what is New. You are very awesome because you helped a lot if people. Thanks man, you’re awesome!

  • I would love to win this phone! I have been waiting for over a year for this model to come out! I think it will be the best phone on the market and it has all the gadgets that you could want! Thanks guys for this great giveaway!

  • Jerry83r

    I would love to win this phone!

  • Sheni

    Hi Max, im Sheni from Nigeria (Africa) and have been educated on rooting and hacking on GTI9100..I would love to win this Note 3…its the best there is..
    Keep up the good work Maxx
    Stay blessed!

  • Aashish Bagdi

    Gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wan’t Ya Note 3 ………………. 🙂


    I’d Knew THat YOU gONNA cOMME UP wITH sOMETHINg COOOLooo… HIGH ON ANDROID… @ZEDOMAX High on android … EVERYeee Day..

  • Mathew

    Thanks max for the giveaways, =)

  • Ernest

    Wont make of some fake reason why I should win the note 3 lol, who would note want this beast of a phone I would love to win it and be (HIGH ON ANDROID)


    I am excited about the give away , I hope I will be the lucky winner to win it 😉 , I live this site superbly awesome to learn more about android thanks, waiting for the device 🙂

  • melissa konstanty

    What an awesome chance to win this amazing device. Hope to win this! Good luck all!


    I wish I could win this because my birthday is in the month of October , i.e., 21- October , this could be my best birthday gift ever specially by 😉

  • Hey Awesome Giveaway! If you need a redesign of your website i would be willing to do it.Do check out my site and let me know what you think and My current phone is Galaxy Mini running New Experience ROM by Autoradio.

  • chuck brogdon

    Good luck everyone

  • eli

    Omg if I won a note id prob fly right off my roof! Ever since the s2 and the first note, ive been hooked on samsung products! I dont have those deep pockets so its hard sometimes -_- I always go on here, galaxynote2root and rootgalaxynote daily! I always get great tips and roms from here cudose max! I live everyday to be high on android \m/

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  • Joshua Immanuel

    Being an android lover and a Samsung freak is killing me now to have a phone like the Galaxy Note 3.. Hope I Win 🙂

  • feras alnimie

    I hope every body get note 3 what ever way is :;))

  • mark

    Hi Max great website. Thanks for the opportunity to
    win a note 3. Good luck everyone.

  • eric

    A super upgrade from htc aria to note 3


    Thanks for doing this giveaway max 🙂 Good luck everyone 🙂

  • Chris Johnson

    It would be nice I have never won a dang thing in my life not even on a scratch off tickit lol I have such bad luck that I could by a cematary and people would stop dieing lol

  • WangHo

    Thnx for the give away 🙂 !

  • Joel

    I never win in these kind stuff but , just a small ray a hope, a small tiny ray of hope is all i have

  • Juan Samalot

    Hey Max, Thanks again for another opportunity for a great device. Good luck to all!!


    Hi Max great website. Thanks for the opportunity to
    win a note 3. God BLESS everyone.

  • sergio

    man i hope i win its very hard to get a decent phone saludos de tepic nayarit mexico good luck to everyone

  • Antonio velazquez

    I always wanted a good phone like that as still have a Galaxy s1 tmobile ur videos area Great Keep up Always High On android =D

  • Mark

    be cool to get some international love and see someone from south africa win 😛 always high on android! good luck all 🙂

  • Straynart

    Bwaw everyone !

    My GS3 is getting old, so…please let me get this one !! =þ
    [just kiddin’, my GS3 is still awesome -> thanks to PACMan !]

  • Eric

    Please, Please, Please, Please….I want one so BAD…stupid Verizon making it impossible for me to get anything at a reasonable price for at least a another year…not that my S3 is bad..CM10.2 rocks.

  • gallan msuka

    i wish i can win GOD help me

  • Gary

    Another giveaway ohh yay. My latest choice was between the Note 2 and Gs4 so I took another lines upgrade to the gs4. I knew I should have waited till October for the Note 3. If u won the Note 3 that would be amazing. My mom could use the S4. I’m excited!

  • Jason

    Thanks for this!

  • Good Luck to all!

  • Gabriel Rossi

    I would like so much to win 😉

  • Nicholas Whitehead

    Ooooooooo this contest is mine!!! Im dedicated to winning nd “I WILL” when this contest

  • Jeffrey legay

    I the random . Org picks me good luck to every one.

  • gang

    nice so again i‘m in

  • Johan

    Hope to win this great phone for T-Mobile!! Good luck to all!!! Thanks for this opportunity!!!

  • Susan Smith

    I signed up to get your email

  • waleed

    Man, it would be an android dream come true to me

  • Blowntoaster

    Awesome site. And Max always shares the latest and greatest.
    Good luck. Hoping to be one of the winners.

  • Nazryan

    I hope i’ll be the choosen one from asia ( Malaysia ). High five for highonandroid !! 😀

  • Afnan Abdullah

    U R The Best Thank U

  • Ian

    I hope to win. Best of luck to everyone!

  • Yarden

    I WANT THIS!!! The international model!

  • Darren Lee

    Nevermind saw the unsubscribe button in the email xD thanks for making these great contests though 🙂

  • appreciate it for your effort. This phone is gonna be late to reach my country and when it’s come I believed the price is thousand. Only those for are rich able to use this. For normal people is like miracle. Same goes as when I win this giveaway. It’s a miracle to hold and own this luxury phone. People within vicinity will questioned where I got some big money… hahaha, It’s good to dream good thing.

    Thank You.

  • Ed

    Awesome. Love Android. High on Life and now HighonAndroid ! 🙂
    Good luck everyone !

  • Alex

    AaaaaaaaaAndrooid.!!! Me like A AaaaaaaaaAndrooid Samsung note3

  • Alex

    AaaaaaaaaAndrooid! Me like Samsung note 3 AaaaaaaaaAndrooid!!!! Me like international model!

  • Ylla

    I hope i win this!!! cannot afford to buy one! *finger’s crossed* 🙂

  • Zee

    wow.. we just need to subscribe to this blog and we could get those cool gadgets?? and seriously this blog is a huge relief for android dummy like me lol
    hope i could win this

  • Bertina James

    I really hope I win this phone. I love you guys reviews there always so in depth! And I could really use a new phone!!!! ……like yesterday! good luck everyone!

  • Hailey

    im always high on life, I just signed up so now im high on android, now I wanna get high on this note 3! oooooooooooooo I hope I win 😀

  • Shidah Shaery

    The best! I love it. 😀

  • mark molina

    I hope I win it will be my birthday on Oct 9th

  • jamesm.d

    Note 3 yes I hope I win

  • Jon

    hope i win

  • Jason

    Here’s hoping!

  • Lazaro

    hey max thanks for putting this contest together.

    Good luck to all,

  • just signed up, and like the page, hopefully can win this one, waiting….

  • Jermaine

    I hope i win i need some luck can’t afford the phone either max does great work to good luck everyone.

  • Karl Gorospe

    I hope i do win. I really need this note 3.

  • Rohit James

    waiting for 9th octoberr!!!!

  • saleh

    i want to win smasung galaxy note 3 white-international version really really bad :))))))

  • Joy

    I hope i win! i’ve been dreaming to have it but can’t afford it! good luck everyone 🙂
    thank you for the apportunity

  • I Love this website Oct 9th is My birthday I’m just saying I Need that New Note 3 and the watch 🙂

  • edub276

    Thanks Max, you’re always looking for ways to hook us up…with the best info or gifts..

  • Matt Kazmir

    Awesomeness, just pure awesomeness.

  • Werner Aguilar

    What a terrific prize- Galaxy Note 3 – Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Great Max …Million thanks … great as your videos … 😉

  • Hafiz Azhar

    I hope i can win this giveaway,,, This website have so much generousity and i like it.. i hope i got the beginner’s luck… Thanks Max for sharing this giveaway… You’re the best !!!

  • jepoie

    awesome! amazing! great! that’s all i can say! how i wish i will get that one! 😀

  • Jonel Nicolas

    Good day i already subscribed to your newsletter. 🙂 hope i will win this contest. Im from the philippines. More power highonandroid! =D

  • Kevin Taylor

    Haere mai haere mai haere mai gn3 come come come my baby 2 me come come come 2 aotearoa new zealand land of the long white cloud haere mai haere mai haere mai ra.

  • Jordan

    Please…I want to win the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, please! I really need a new phone. Thanks 🙂

  • Ahmed Sajjjad

    my dream phone
    tnx for the opportunity

  • chris

    cant wait to root this new phone and release the real power

  • Manuel viramontes

    This is awfully generous of you Max!
    I just lost my job due to being hit by a drunk driver, so potentially winning this would make my year! I will keep my fingers crossed! Even if I don’t win, I still love visiting your site and checking out all your cool reviews of roms! Thnx Max!

  • Paul Deschamps

    Hey Max, Great videos of the Galaxy Note 3 like always man. Pick my broke Ass to win one of these beauties Please. Thanks in advance if I happen to win and keep up the great work you do. Peeaaazze

  • Reece Munro

    Hey max
    Just wondering mate what model number is the international model. I’m from Australia see. Just wanting to know. Great job with everything to man I have a note 2 and I have learnt everything off your YouTube channel Hahahaha. Any way keep up the good work.

    • Jim

      As far as I can tell, the N9000 will be the international model… and the N9005 will support LTE.

  • Rohit P James

    oh man oh man… i cant wait…*fingercrossed*.. when can we see the review of the device.. i know you guys got it

  • Naveed Ahmed

    THNX FOR the oportunity wish to win with all my heart

  • Sherry Stover

    Thanks for all your review and good luck to everyone

  • Ranjit Raghavan K

    I hope i will be the 1st Indian to get a giveaway from high on android !!!

  • Naveed Ahmed

    i pray to be the 1st pakistani to win
    thnx again for trying

  • adel taka

    i wish i win on it because I did not win anything in my life
    thank you for this easy offer highonandroid

  • Thanks man…hope to win this contest…

  • Ramizul Shafiq

    Great! Now i can always high on android and also high on galaxy note 3! If…i win of course..hehehe…thanks for giving away this awesome device and may god bless u max! I`m Ramizul,from malaysia…..and i am high on android! Peace! 😀

  • Archie Felix

    I need one now!

  • Rudy Lara

    Would it help if I said please?

  • john yang

    Pick me please.

  • Nirav Patel

    Hope i win the international version of note 3 coz i from india

  • Emmanuel

    Thanks for all that you do, Max… Good Luck to Everyone.

  • kamikazi

    all country’s??!!! subscribed in iran:P

  • I would love to win this awesome phone 🙂

  • Arka Guha

    Please give me this phone. I don’t have a smartphone. I want it so so so much. I’m just in love with this phone. As soon as this model came out I started to admire to see it’s features. I will be highly obliged if you give me this phone.

  • matthew

    AWWWEESSSOOMME this phone is a monster!

  • Alex King

    I would love to win

  • Babar Saeed

    An Awesome Phone and an Awesome GivEaWay by Highonandroid.

  • Luis

    Oh oh oh! Pick me pick me…. I stay “High, on Android” every day. I love my note 2 and can’t wait to get my hands on the note 3 =)

  • Eric

    Gimme Gimme Gimme! I recently smashed my GS3 screen and ruined it when I tried to replace it 🙁 (patience is a virtue I don’t posses). Since I HAVE to have a phone, I used an upgrade on the S4 but only because the Note 3 wasn’t out yet for VZW. I want one BAD…but can’t really afford to pay retail! If I don’t win one I might pay the restock fee and trade my s4 for one!

  • poppiesgdd

    Thank you Max for making your competitions international .
    This gives us overseas subscribers a chance to win too.
    All your sites are very informative and have very few mistakes.
    Give yourself a pat on the back for a job/s well done .
    Great work , and the most up to date site .
    These are my sentiments , even if there were no competitions .
    Thanks again .
    Glenn .

  • sabirwest

    now that would be awesome. the idea of me winning anything in my life…. pfff…
    getting note3 for free… omg… !!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank u for your giveaways it makes us little more happier and
    giving us hope where there is none 🙂

  • Russell

    I love the info and lessons learned here. If only I could win this amazing flagship phone

  • Steve

    Hi All….,

    High On Android is THE BEST – I haven’t noticed any UK subscribers on here before? I hope I’m the FIRST UK Subscriber to win one of these amazing SmartPhones – I’ve always used Samsung and am the very proud owner of the International S2 i9100. Would LOVE to own the Note3… Wow! Keep up the GREAT work, Max. 🙂

  • Ricardo Ferreira

    i hope i win it

  • Blowntoaster

    can’t wait…I’d really like a Note 3, and it’d be even cooler if I won this one via HoA…

  • Joe Kraig

    I’m not sure I could imagine having a phone that is better that the Note 1.

  • adel taka

    i wish i win becuase 9th of october is my birthday

  • Teresa

    Thanks for doing it. Good Luck!

  • Teresa

    Thanks for doing it. Good Luck

  • Christopher Green

    Worth a shot for sure! Best of luck to all

  • enzo perez

    you are the best max

  • Peter

    ㅠㅠ please please please my galaxy s2 broke down and I need new phone …. please

  • rahul

    I seriously wanna win atleast one giveaway! please make it up for me!

  • dampaak

    I’m from Ghana and I just love Samsung smartphones….I hope I win …this is really cool..thanks man.

    • Max Lee

      double checm u r on our list as if unsubscribe u will be out of tje giveaway but u can resubscribe anytime

  • Rohit P James

    less than 24 hours!

  • Jonel Nicolas

    I hope i will win the contest. Cause now i need to sell and sacrifice my note 2. No phone tomorrow T_T

  • Shaquel

    Ii have faith ii will with this, International version, Here We go! Oh btw the note 3 is awesomeee!!!!! I must have it..

  • Ian

    Good luck to the winners. Love your videos Max!

  • Daniel Eluvathingal

    so nervous as the giveaway is nearing its end. will this will be my lucky phone?thanks for this giveaway. i wish i could try different roms in this monster.

  • Kizzyle

    I feel I’m gonna win this… Feel it in my soul. Don’t disappoint me. I love this site. Import Duty on this is gonna be crazy… Hahaha

  • what a cool android

  • dampaak

    hi Max, so does it mean its to late for me to win

  • Jenilia Gonzalez

    This looks like a really cool phone!!! i hope i win 🙂
    Good luck Guys 🙂
    BEst of wishes

  • Obaid

    Well waiting for note3 gift for my birthday than 😀

  • Robert Geanta

    Hope that’s true and it’s an international giveaway! I would love having a Note 3,an amazing device. Hope to win it!

  • Zachi Gigi

    *** FINGERS CROSSED *** Can’t wait!!! I really hope I’ll get lucky this time…

    GOOD LUCK everyone!!!

  • naveed ahmed

    Wow abou 5 hrs to go fingers crossed

  • Marky

    So did anyone win?? No activity on any of Max’s channels.

  • Max your not only a gentleman but a scholar for giving these away!

  • Blowntoaster

    It is almost time…only a few hours to go.
    can’t wait. I’m losing my mind over the Note 3.
    It’s a definite must have…I just need one in my life. asap…
    hope I win one, coz buying is turning out to be tough.


    Happiness is getting a galaxy note 3 from max that too on my birthday 😉
    High on android 🙂

  • Lester G.

    YES!I’m IN!This phone fits on my BIG hand!Pls give it to me!

  • Rocky

    I want this so bad I traded my galaxy s3 and 100 dollars for note 2 but found it was a replica so I screwed myself over Damn you Craigslist

  • Jeff Conner

    2 hours left (PST) to go for the drawing ! exciting times we live in.

  • Faz Iqbal

    34 more min, hope i win, Good Luck to all

  • Rohit P James

    comeon.. lets make it one for india!

  • Chris

    good luck to everyone!!! Don’t wanna give a sad story, just a fair, clean contest >:)

  • adel taka

    who did win the note 3 ??

  • Steve Lim

    waiting waiting waiting~~~~~~~~~~~~~ XDXDXD

    • Kizzyle

      I know, Where is the giveaway! 🙂

  • Rohit P James

    *fingerscrossed* for the millionth time!

  • adel taka

    if i win im going to die before it arive to me

  • eli

    How do we know or where do we go to see who won?

  • Diedre

    Hi, just wondering who won the Note 3. Thanks! Great videos by the way, very entertaining.

  • sabirwest

    congratulation to both winners !!!

  • Yohan

    Have a question. You mentioned that those who entered twice were knocked out. I’m not sure if that is even possible, but how are double entries determined? Does that mean that if my brother and I subscribed through the same computer (with different e-mails of course), we are considered as double entry? Just curious and wanted to clarify this for the next giveaway. Thnx!!

  • kave pazhohesh

    all of my friends post to this site.
    all of them have a great laptop and gret phones.
    like this picture in this topic someone have a two great samsung phone and wanted more.
    My family anf I were very poor.
    just I can come to school and use a school’s computers to cheak my email and other works that all people do this in your house with pc’s.
    and I don’t have even pc.
    my night dream is just sleep and maybe today I win samsung Galaxy that I just can cheek my emails and take pic and video from my family and show them to us and for a minute we forget our bad dayes and without mony and our hungry that can’t even eat some butter with bread.
    so I know my dream never be accsept from God beacuse poors people allways is poor and I never laught and I must be allways cry.
    my deastiny is it and I never can change it.
    I never can be have Galaxy Pocket! that Galaxy Note 3 is so far for me and I never can be buy it.
    Thank’s God maybe I was be dead to make you happy.

    • naved ahmed

      your damn right kave your damn right

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    All winners of USA that can’t be fair

  • kave

    who win the phones?

  • laz

    hi i have a galaxy note AT&T SGH-I717 avatar crash i do reaserch try like 10 times to reintall to the version i have before but not look can you point me in the direction or send me the link so i can download the best sep by step or the files to intall am lost or stable rom for that phone i like the avatar but am having troble find it the previos version i have intall the one i have now is cm-1.1b_41_20130202_quincyatt with gapps-jb-20121212-signed is that i dont nkown can you help ?

    • laz

      i need help here !!! who win the phones lol 🙂 seriously i need help am lost in androide jajaja