Gummy ROM – High On Android ROM of The Week!


For this week’s High On Android ROM of the Week, check out Gummy ROM!  It is available for many Android smartphones like Note 2, Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, HTC One M7/M8, Nexus 4/5/7, LG G2, and some more.

Based on latest Android 4.4.4 sources, Gummy ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) that brings you the latest and great Android 4.4.4 along with plenty of customization/features.  After using many different custom ROMs, Gummy ROM is one of my favorite custom ROMs as it’s very fast, stable, and comes with so many features you wouldn’t want to live without.

Inside the core of Gummy ROM Settings, you will find Gummy Interface, which allows you to customize and tweak everything from your status bar,  notification drawer, quick settings, hardware keys, soft keys, PIE Controls, HeadsUp pop-up notifications, Power Menu, Lockscreen, and plenty more.  (See video overview for demo.)

Out of the box, you will find one of the fastest UI out there.  There’s plenty AOSP ROMs out there but Gummy ROM is definitely on my Top 5 list of the best AOSP custom ROMs.  Although I really love CM11 ROM and have been enjoying on many of my phones for awhile, I find Gummy ROM is a lot more fun for tweaking your phone to the fullest with stuff like advanced Power Menu options, lockscreen notifications, etc…etc…

Overall, you will find a supercharged Android 4.4.4 experience.  And yes, you can even install our HighOnAndroid OnePlus One Conversion kit (get the one without Lockscreen) to get additional features like OnePlus One theme, and Screencast/Audio FX app.  If you haven’t tried the latest Gummy ROM yet, definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Gummy ROM

Download Android 4.4.4 Gapps (Use stock or micro, depending on your device)

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  • Karine Rivet

    Is this ROM compatible with Verizon Note 3?

    • Max Lee

      No, sorry you cannot install any AOSP ROMs like this one or CM11 on Note 3 as it has locked bootloader. Any phone with SafeStrap cannot install this ROM.

      • khalid

        does it support NOTE 1 GTN700

    • stoneblank420

      what about the tmobile LG g3 is it compatible

  • Pedro Estima

    Hey Max,

    is it available for the S5 G900M?

    • Max Lee

      Not yet.

      • khalid

        sorry GTN7000 NOTE 1

        • Max Lee

          Not yet sorry.

  • Migel

    Will it work Note 2 sprint . Will it affect my Wi-Fi tether router app.

    • Max Lee

      No will work fine on all AOSP ROMs.

  • ben

    will this rom be out for the galaxy s2 hercules t989(tmobile)

    • Max Lee

      Prob. not sadly.

  • Ricardo

    Hi, will this work with s4 i9500? Thanks. If not what rom can I use that’s almost stock android with the icons and all the good stuff?

  • Erkam

    I dont see the download link for the International Note 2 GT-N7100 … how’s that?? :((

    • momoz

      Yeah, how’s that?!

      Im already all hyped up by Max’s spiel. So sad….

  • John

    Is there a way to get S Voice working on Gummy or C-Rom, it seems like the S5 and S4 version are both incompatible.

  • Bahman Nahoray

    Hi Max,

    How can I make my NFC work on this ROM? Please help me.

  • ric

    I just flashed this rom on tmobile note 3 and its say Unfortunately AudioFx has stopped and it keeps on poping up every time i hit ok

    • Zach

      I have the same issue… any fix?

      • Sven

        same issue galaxy note 3 n9005

  • sammy

    This rom has a hdmi conection for tv

  • John Shiba

    The screen brightness is way to high. Even when I turn it all the way down. Is there a way to make it dimmer?

    • Dreamkiller

      Use lux lite dash can be found on google app store

  • Eric

    Helloooo Max just wanted to know if that Gummy ROM is available for the sprint phones. And if so can u send me the link. And I am on the MOAR ROM and if I flash and go to 4.4.4 and if I wanted to restore my MOAR will it set my baseband back too 4.4.2

  • Yobosaeyo

    Does bluetooth work on this? I have tried Carbon, CM 11 and cannot get bluetooth to work on my Galaxy S3. Which is weird since i used to have CM 10 and it worked fine. Seems to be on the 4.4.4 roms.

  • Wes Da Mac 8

    Does the Tether/WiFi work out of the box?

    • Max Lee

      Yes, on all AOSP ROMs like CM11, Gummy, hotspot is unlocked.

      • Prince

        Unfortunately the WiFi hotspot doesn’t work on my ROM and and is it possible to screen mirror I’m using a galaxy s4 tell me some good news max 🙂

  • Jrod

    When I install the one plus one conversion kit I keep getting the AudioFX error. When I click okay that same pop up about the AudioFX error keeps showing. Is there any fix to this?

  • stoneblank420

    is this compatible with the t-mobile LG g3

    • Max Lee

      Not yet.

  • Yobosaeyo

    tried the last two nightly’s I end up with no sim card. Bummer because it looks like a really great rom. Now I have to go find one that works!

  • derek

    hi max.i tried the gummy rom but wont work for me after the instalmentit jumps strait to download mode saying could not do normal boot.odin mode so can u help ?

    • derek

      forgot to menstion ive got a note 3 sm-n9005 in england !!

  • Yobosaeyo

    will the oneplus one work with carbon?

  • Brian Tucker

    No data now on my sch968c just calls and text had to revert back to dirty unicorns 7.8 help rom is awesome

  • Popsgun

    Hey Max, love this rom but having trouble with bluetooth on sprint gal s4. Comes up then crashes.

  • dien

    How do I get screencast to work for i317

  • Luis Henrique

    Hi, nice site and tube channel, whats is the best rom for galaxy note 3? i have the x note, i like all feature S pen, what do you recomend? this rom is good for galaxy S4 i9500? thx have a nice day, sorry about the english.

  • Rick Smiley

    I’m having 2 issues: 1. Bluetooth. Keeps disconnecting from my Ford Sync.
    2. Gear Manager. I am trying to sync my Galaxy Gear 2 with my Note 3 and I keep getting a HOSTMANAGER has STOPPED message and can’t fix.

  • Mr. iJac

    Does anyone have an M4 Final Release zip for the t0lteatt Note 2? Maybe you could throw it up in the cloud somewhere and share a link? Raiding the internet for URL’s has come to a dead end and I wants to flash!

    • josh k

      did you ever find the m 4 version for this file? The wifi tether does not work on the m_3 and I wanted to see if it was fixed on the final rom thank you

  • ronel

    maxhello sd card problem it wont liquid smooth..i have 64gbsd card..pls add how to fix it..thank you so..let get hiiiiiigh on andriooooood..

  • scott

    I cant get sd card to mount. any ideas?

  • kirk

    Hi Max, thanks for the informative website.
    I installed gummy but just like some other posts, I see people have had issues with their Bluetooth connection. When I turn it on it crashes. Do you or anyone know of a fix for this?

    I have a Samsung S3 i747-M. On the Rogers network.

  • Hector from Arizona

    Saludos from AZ,

    this is what i have:

    AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A

    I followed the instructions to install gummy ROM and it flashed ok but i have a black screen. yet the controls light up and vibrate but no screen display.

    Am I missing something?


    • Max Lee

      You cannot install on SM-N900A as Safestrap doesn’t support it. You will need to get a T-Mobile Note 3 and use AT&T sim if you want to install Gummy ROM.

  • vickens

    I had to install it without the one plus conversion… but i need screenast tho…when are you making one that work… from sm-n900t

  • Albert

    Does it work for Galaxy S5 G900V???

  • James

    Anyone have issues with the settings stopping when accessing the apps menu? I have a Sprint Note 2 L900. Thanks.

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