How to Convert your Android Smartphone into OnePlus One! - Page 2

If you already have CM11 ROM installed, all you need to do is flash OnePlusOne Conversion Kit with CWM or TWRP recovery!

Note: If you don’t have CM11 ROM but another AOSP ROM like ParanoidAndroid, Gummy, etc…etc…, get the “No Lockscreen” version.  This will have everything except the Lockscreen which may not work unless you have CM11 ROM.  If you get errors with AudioFX app, install the “No AudioFX version” or “No Lockscreen AudioFX version”.

Step 1. You will obviously need to root your Android smartphone, please see our How to Root Android page to find links to rooting instructions on various phones.

Step 2. Once rooted, you will need CWM Recovery or HIGHER.  You can install the latest version of CWM Recovery by using ROM Manager.

(Also you can use TWRP, make sure you use version or higher.  For TWRP, you can download the latest TWRP image on TWRP site then use Flashify app to install TWRP.)

If you don’t have CWM Recovery installed, click on “Recovery Setup”.


Then press on “ClockworkMod Recovery”.


Then choose your Android smartphone model to install the CWM Recovery.


Step 3. You will need to download the CM11 ROM, I recommend the snapshots, you can find them here on our CM11 page.


Next, you also need to download Android 4.4.4 Gapps, you can find that also on our Android 4.4.4 Gapps page.

If you have an older device, use “micro” version and if you have one of the newer devices (less than 2 years old), then use the “stock” version.


Lastly but not least, don’t forget to download the OnePlusOne Conversion Kit!


Download OnePlusOne Conversion Kit


Step 4. Use ROM Manager app to reboot into Recovery.


Step 5.  Now, make sure you make a backup ROM before installing any new custom ROMs.

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  • Fredrik

    Will this remove the laser focus feature on the LG G3???

  • Fredrik

    Don’t want to ruin my LG g3

  • Vivek


    I am already using the CM11 based carbon Rom….is it not possible to just flash the conversion tool and use it?

    • Max Lee

      Ye should be fine on most Cm11 based ROMs. Also works fine PACman Rom.

      • Ashish

        Hi Max….

        I use GT-N7100 Note 2 in which I recently have CM 11 M9 + Gapps 4.4.3 ! Everything works fine, But I wish to know….

        1. Can I update ( Flash ) Gapps 4.4.3 with yours new 4.4.4 version ?
        2. Now as I already have CM 11 M9 , So can I only Flash your one Plus one Kit ?

        If Yes then I appreciate if you write few pointers how to do so !!! ???

        Take Care….Cheers!! ( High On Android )

      • Akshay

        hi max due to conversion kit system ui is not working on my lg l5 cm11 rom

  • MOhamed

    working perfect on S3 i9300 or not ???

    • Max Lee

      Yes works perfect on my i9300!

      • Aram

        Hi Max, does it work on Samsung Galaxy S3, (t-999, t- mobile).Where can i download all those files.RAM phone almost ful, hoe can i make it clien?

      • xeroichi

        the oneplus camera is not sharp unlike the stock cm11 one, also on my i9300..

    • david

      No. The lockscreen doesn’t work (I haven’t tried the ROM with no lockscreen yet) and the phone doesn’t vibrate on touch anymore.

  • Harman

    on my s3 in recovery mode it says can’t open the file abort bad

    • Max Lee

      Try redownloading file, could be a bad download. You can also verify MD5.

      • Yassr

        I tried and am still getting the same error, I tried downloading it 3 times and every time I get the same error.

        • N8IVEWARE

          are you using a pc or your phone I suggest a pc and try switching browsers I use firefox for my downloads and never failed me yet

  • ches

    will this work on dual sim phones

    • mighty droid

      yeah will this work ??? ,, maybe it not working that why he does not REPLY… 🙁

  • kilver

    work for my note n-900?

    • Max Lee

      There’s no CM11 ROM available for N900 so unfortunately you are out of luck bud.

      • zeus

        audiofx app is not working. how to download no audiofx version?

  • dvd

    Will work on galaxy s2 i9100?

    • Max Lee


      • dvd

        Ty man…work fine, only audiofx keep crashing!

  • Kurumi

    will this work on GT-19505?
    If so, what are all the files I have to download for this model.

  • John Shiba

    My play store is not working on my T-mobile note 3. is there a way to make it work?

  • Nate

    You’re a freakin rock-star man!
    I love being high on android.

    • Max Lee

      Thanks and stay HIGH on Android!!!

  • Matt Dixon

    Hi Max! i want to get High On Android!!

    what’s your galaxy Note 2 model number? is this method work flawlessly in my N7100 Note 2?
    Thanks Max!

  • brian

    any news on rom for htc ons s3 ville 2

  • Alvin Brooks

    thanks Max! It is working good! Good job!

  • MOhamed

    i tested it bro and it almost perfect put i have couple of ques
    1- how to change ringtone i mean choose my own ringtones not the stock one cuz there is no ” Add ” option when i go to sittings > sound > ringtone ?????
    2- one+one camera and google camera do they have HDR mode cuz i really need need need that option ??
    Thank you ,,

    • Max Lee

      If you get ringtone apps it should add them automatically. Yes both OnePlus One and Google Camera has HDR options.

      • MOhamed

        i cant find HDR on both .. can u say where can i find ???

  • William

    Max, I’m getting keyboard force closed errors. I have reinstalled morethan 10times, still getting the error.

    • Max Lee

      Did you format /system and re-install ROM?

  • Alek

    Guys you are saying: “This will work on any rooted Android smartphone with CWM (ClockworkMod) or TWRP recovery installed. ” but that is not true. Only phones running already cm11 are able to do this.

    • Max Lee

      Well, if you have a rooted Android smartphone with CWM or TWRP recovery, then you will be able to install CM11 ROM so, that’s what I meant.

  • Agus

    Will this work on my Xperia S (lt26i)?

  • Joshua

    Will this clear my phone data?

    • Max Lee

      Yes. That’s why you need to make a backup ROM, which will save all of that just in case you need it back.

  • hassan

    this does not work on samsung galaxy grand duos

  • Jorge Rocha

    Does it work in Galaxy Note GT-N7000?

  • Jorge Rocha

    Does it work in a Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8 Stock Telcel LTE?

    • Max Lee

      Yes of course.

  • leesan

    does it have any issue with the camera? because currently i m using cm11 m9 on my i9300 and the camera crashes sometimes. also, does it have continuous autofocus on video recording?? cuz the current cm11 m9 dont have it.

  • sidhu

    Audiofx not working on galaxy #2 i9100g
    Error is ‘audio fx is stopped working’
    I flash this two time
    But error comes
    Plz.sir tell me

  • Rohan

    No lockscreen on Galaxy S2 Gt-I9100
    I tried flashing the ROM twice but the lockscreen does not come. Whenever I press power button to unlock the phone directly shows my homescreen. I tried setting PIN/Password for locking but somehow it doesn’t get activated. What to do?

    • Max Lee

      On some CM11 ROMs, lockscreen may not be compatible (if CM11 ROM isn’t official), try using the No Lockscreen version then, you will get everything except the lockscreen.

  • ale

    Does it work on vega note? Vega secret note? 890

  • Humayun

    Will this work with htc one x… I’m using cm11 by the way..

    • Humayun

      Its international version… Endeverour, (something like that) 😛

    • Max Lee

      Yes works perfect!

  • Yassr

    I have the Galaxy S4 zoom SM-C105 , can I convert it to a one plus one???

  • Aram

    Hi Max. Does work on Samsung Galaxy S3,(t-999, t-mobile), where can i downloaden all those files.RAM phone is almost ful, hoe can i it make clien?

  • Jose A. Vazquez

    Will this work on my Galaxy S sgh-i897. Currently running CM11 kk 4.4.4?

  • Frankie Babie

    Just downloaded the one plus great.Internet is so slow. Any reason

  • rick

    Will cm11 ever be compatible with safestrap?!?

    • rick

      I hate touchwiz so bad!! I need something else!!!

  • Sea Nanners Jr

    Ok So I Already Have Cm11 4.4.1 Rom Installed In My Phone So I Went Directly To Flashing The Zip File To My Phone Without Doing A Wipe Now Everything Force Closes SystemUi & AudioFx And Much More……Do I Have To Do A Data Wipe Even If I Have CM11 Installed ?

  • raymond

    For phones with hardware navigation keys like Galaxy series. Does it support the feature show on screen navigation keys and disable hardware keys like the one plus? 

  • dvd

    Work fine on s2, just audiofx crash

  • MOhamed

    No HDR option on camera … does anyone have ” Google camera or one+one camera ” ??

  • koski

    would this work on sgh i717 galaxy note?

  • Manoj

    Hi, max I have galaxy s duos gt7562 does this cm11 rom support my device or not, because cm11 is not officially launched for this device…..

  • bryanfeanor

    thanks dude, this is awesome, try it in resurrection remix 5.1.5 for gt-i9100 with one problem, mtp device is reconized in windows 7 but its empty, no extsdcard or internal sdcard is show. tryin in cm11 m9

  • tunir

    hey max great work again you are rootgod !!
    can i add more theme to it, cm11 theme ??

    • Max Lee


  • Mark

    If I update to a newer version of CM 11 while I have this, will I have to reflash it or will everything stay as it was?

    • Max Lee

      You can flash cm11 snapshot over it but u may want to make a backup Rom.

  • Anguraj

    above oneplusone conversion kit support dual sim android phones?

    • Max Lee

      It can if Rom supports it.

  • Dave Murray

    Great job.
    Using on a Nexus 7 but have tried both 1.1 and 1.2 and neither give me an option to select a launcher so the home button doesn’t do anything. Am I just missing something or is there a problem?

    • Max Lee

      Try reinstall and note errors you get.

  • Anand

    how do i uninstall this?

    • Max Lee

      Restore Rom or install the Rom over it.

  • Dave Murray

    Also, just curious about this duplicating the camera and gallery apps – what’s going on?

    • Max Lee

      Two cameras you can use. better.

  • John Thomas

    Does this work on Tmobile Galaxy S2?

  • Harshal Sachade

    Hi Max, I followed the process however face status 7 error. Upon further googling found your tutorial to edit the update script file however to no avail. Now my GT N7000 (intnl) is stuck in the ‘PhilZ Touch 5 CWM’ menu…. Please help me to get it back to normal!

  • Harshal Sachade

    Please let me know how to either proceed with the CM 11 Nightly installation without error or how to get back to normal.

  • Jason Lu

    Hello Max, after finish flashing the rom and everything, my Galaxy S4 (t-mobile) doesn’t have the text message button..and also when i try to use the Camera it would shut down and say “unfortunately, Camera has stopped.”

  • Michael Worth

    Downloaded the files and was just about to pull the trigger when I realized that CM11 probably doesn’t support my Gear 2. Do you know if there’s a way I can bring support for the Gear 2 to the CM11 w/ OnePlus One mod? Because I love the idea of the OnePlus One CM11 mod, but I also love my Gear 2. Thanks!

  • David S

    is it possible for the tab 3 SM-T210R wifi edition?

  • Tyler M

    Is there a CM11 verison compatible with a safestrapped SCH-i545 (GS4 VZW) or is it just the M9 snapshot??
    And has anyone heard of a safestrap compatible build of CM10?

  • william

    Hey max, I did what you said and it worked but when I go to apply the theme it crashes on me and I cannot open the themes,icons or anything. I am using the note 8.0 gt/n5110

    I flashed the recent conversion kit from the 15th

    • Max Lee

      Using CM11 ROM Snapshot?

  • Chief

    On my Sprint S4 – the screen turns off during a phone call and won’t turn on. – Can’t hang the call up.

  • Iuri Piotrowski Da Rosa

    Max does it work on my Galaxy S3 (I9300) if I’m using a Nightly? And if it works do I need to erase my data or I can just install the conversion zip file?

    • Max Lee

      no just install over any cm11 rom

  • Mohan

    Is there any possiblity for converting Lenovo P770 into CM 11 version?

  • Duja


    Works great on my Note 2 but I can’t get mobile network. I can ‘t make calls or receive calls…I’ve installed it twice once with stock gapps and the second time with micro gapps but nothing. Everythng works fine but I can’t get mobile network. Any ideas?



    • Max Lee
      • Duja

        Hi Max thanks for your reply. I will try this tutorial and let you know but what I meant is that I don’t get any signal. It said after installation: “You need to refer to the SIM card instructions that came with your phone”. I have a Samsung Galaxy note 2 GT-N7100. I checked IMEI and is correct. But no signal at all.

        Thanks for your help.

        • Max Lee

          Not sure what is wrong there, try another rom for now or you can try a fresh reinstall it may fix.

  • David

    Will not sign in to my google account just keeps saying “signing in” forever

  • Bashir Sidani

    Hey max, will this work on liquidsmooth rom with matrix kernel? Its cm based and i dont want to change the rom.
    Thank u

    • Max Lee

      Yes works on any cm based rom.

  • durgesh

    plz can u make it for note 2 n7100??????????????????????/

  • Scrappy

    Got my N7 2013 high today with this! Had to go to work soon after so can’t wait to get home and play around on it!

  • Jermal Smith

    I noticed after flashing on my GS4 (ATT) Model where I was running CM11 I no longer have the default android Browser (No problem) but I also no longer have the default SMS Client.

    Google Hangouts is well *overkill* for my need


      download the cyanogen app installer on the playstore works fine for me and will be themed aswell

      • N8IVEWARE

        scrub that last reply 8sms on the playstore is better you can make it the default sms instead of hangouts

        • N8IVEWARE

          one flaw with 8sms is you cant theme the icon yet so heres a work around until then

          download “icon extract” from playstore after you have extracted the icons of your current theme to a folder you can access easily find the sms extracted icon change .png to .jpg
          now download “icon changer free” open select desired app to change then select the sms icon you had extracted and changed then click ok
          the icon should be on your main screen


    works flawless on the note 2 sgh-i317m but my screencast is very slow and I cant watch after im done is there something I can do or is this a flaw for most?

  • 07adams88

    I installed on my S4 TMo/Metro and I am getting “ has stopped.” It just keeps popping up. Any ideas? I am using (cm-11-20140210-SNAPSHOT-M3-jfltetmo) off of the CM website.

    • Max Lee

      Try snapshot m9 grab the jflte s4 builds are now unified so you are using the wrong one also.

      • 07adams88

        Awesome. I am giving it a go now!

  • Vinicius

    The OnePlus One Camera it’s fully working? No FC and errors?

  • Ade Fadillah

    Will this work with moto g xt1032/xt1033 ?

  • nika

    rom is good for galaxy note 1717. Only problem i have is that when the phone is on standby and i push for the lockscreen to come back on it takes long for it to come on sometimes i have to reset the phone because the lockscreen won’t come on is there any way to fix it?

  • jeremiah

    HI i got a Cm 11 Unofficial 4.4.2 on my Lg L9 when i install the conversion kit and it says that system ui force to close 🙁

  • Jesse sadler

    I already have 1.1 installed can I just flash 1.2 over top

  • Buma Jessie

    Hi, I have successfully upgrade to Cm11 with 1+1 converstion.

    How do I make use of CM11 kernel to overclock? Which other apps do I need?

    Need your advice, Max.

  • Fabio

    Got it installed and it worked great including native wifi tether…which I really liked, but ultimately I had to go back to stock then rooted it. The sound on this ROM is pretty bad…I could hardly hear the other person and there doesn’t appear to be a fix for it. I was willing to give give up the s-pen and other features to make it my daily driver, but ultimately this is supposed to be a phone and I couldn’t give up on that…my understanding is that this is an issue with SPRINT Note 2’s (may not be be an issue with other carriers), you have to use Touchwiz based ROMs as AOSP ROMs will have this issue, or so I read. I’m now looking for some good Touchwiz based ROMs.

  • gaurav

    I flashed dis ROM to my note 2 today, everything is working fine, but caller screen is not working
    ,please suggest what to do

  • Aaron

    Tested working on HTC One M7 and Moto X. On the M7, The camera app will crash after snapping a photo.

  • Asus

    Hi max,,can i install this on my FonePad 7??
    Plss reply

  • Mohammed

    Hi max it’s work with galaxy round

  • Albert

    Hi Máx, in my n7000 when i change the style or theme of my Oneplus One i get this error message “unfortunately, the process has stopped”, any solution?

  • Mark

    Hi..i have samsung galaxy s4 running CM 11..M9 Snapshot i need to flash again CM11..wipe all..install GApps..before i install OnePlus One Conversion Kit..or i can go directly install the Conversion Kit?? Im usong my apps and data on my fone will be gone?? Any reply would help..thanks!!

    • Karthik T

      I did direct conversion kit, most of it seems quite ok, AudioFX broken as a commenter reported towards the end

  • Sumit

    Will this work on paranoid android 4.5 beta 4 for nexus 5????

  • Abhishek

    hey bud, will it work for karbonn titanium s5??

  • Jann

    Works like a charm on my Note 2! (N7100)
    Big thanks! ^_^

  • Sumit

    Come on Sir please reply… Will it work on paranoid android 4.5 beta 4 for nexus 5 ?? Plz do reply…. Thanks

    • Max Lee

      I heard it works fine but make a backup rom then try.

  • Norm

    Is this working on Verizon Note #?

    • Norm

      Sorry, should say Note 3?

  • Rashid

    Hello Max,

    Good work. Will this work with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900) version. I do not see it listed on the CM-11 download page.


    • Max Lee

      It will not work since there’s no CM11 for that model.

      • Rashid

        Thanks for the feedback Max. I’ll really miss out then.

  • brads27

    Hi Max looks great,i am using GT19100 and keep getting the message unfortunately AudioFX has stopped any ideas please

    • Max Lee

      Try formatting /system and reinstall rom.

  • Karthik T

    Does this tinker with DPI or something? I use 220 on my S2 (texdroider_dpi app) and when I flashed this converter, everything went smaller, when I switched to 240, some icons still look low rez, bbc being a prime one.

  • Rush

    Is this working with HTC desire 601 ..Max ?????

  • randy

    can mega 6.3 use this rom?

  • ctc

    Working perfectly on Samsung S3 – Sprint. Used the micro Gapps. First install was a no go.
    Tried again and installed Gapps before the CM11 image. Boom! Brand new phone in 20 minutes. That includes a 10 minute initial reboot. Thanks HoA!

    Note: I backed everything up with Titanium before the install, and did factory reset + cache & delvik wipe.

    • ctc

      Edit: This phone was being used as a WiFi only media device. However, it had to be activated as I destroyed my HTC EVO 4g .. long story involving cars running it over. While waiting for my next upgrade (25 days from now!), I needed a phone. My data/voice question below has been answered/resolved.

  • Karthik T

    Can we tinker with the lock screen? Or even on the OPO? (I am getting it in a week or 2). The blue is a bit too bright for my taste

  • Felix Sanhueza

    Hi Max,
    Thanks for this great deed.

    I get a FC with the Gallery, so if I read your FAQ correctly, I must reinstall the ROM. When you say ROM, you mean CM11, right? So I should:
    Install ROM (CM11)
    Install GApps
    Install your converting tool.
    (And in my case titanium Backup zip file)

    Is that correct?

    Thanks a lot!

  • RobertoZ

    hey Max!

    This is really cool! I like this ROM too much, but I have some APPs that I downloaded from Samsung store that they’re not running, specially the Samsung keyboard, I love the Note 2 keyboard and I could install it on this ROM, any suggestion??


  • ctc

    Has anyone had any issues with their Sprint phone being deactivated after this flash?
    I want to flash an active phone, but have had this issue in the past.
    Everyone’s data and voice working correctly? I’ll check replies here.
    Thanks in advance.

    • ctc

      Answering my own question. Flashed phone to stock rom, making sure data works.
      Installed CWM Recovery, and went thruogh the tutorial above. Data/Voice working
      as designed. Thanks again Max.

  • Đỗ Ngọc Quý Thanh

    Hello Max.I have a trobule with your OnePlus One Kit in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches P3100.The trobule is I can’t use the home button. How can I fix it ?.The tablet is running PAC MAN ROM.Thank you

  • djprince

    Works OK on Huawei y300 only prob audio fx and one plus one camera crashes

  • lokesh

    Will it works on moto e???

  • Imran Bhaiyat

    max this kit is awesome and your work is too good but i just have one thing.. i can’t move any apps 2 sd on my galaxy s4 i9500 on this rom .. is there any way i will be able to do it ?

  • Alan Durazo

    Hey man how can i un do this because it just isnt working out on my N5

  • ben rom

    During installation of cm11 it says m5 not found

  • michael

    How did you fix the camera shortcut on the lock screen?

  • traiestekl


    works on philips w8510?

  • james

    does it work on Lenovo K900?

  • jonas

    will it work on the lg g3

  • Abdul

    Hi Max,

    Is there a way to enable the double tap wake up feature on the Note 3?

    I used the OnePlus One and I liked the double tap on screen that will wake the phone.
    Comparing between the setting menus of the two phones, this is under the display setting in the OnePlus One menu but it is not there on the Note 3.

  • Daina

    For the record, this worked perfectly on my HTC One S until Trebuchet crashed. At that point, I thought it was the conversion, so I went back to vanilla CM11. Trebuchet crashed there, the next day, too. I figured out how to get out of a Trebuchet crash, so I might be giving this a try again very soon.

    Really nice work.

  • Luis

    Hey max! I installed this and its flawless! However, i cant seem to sms and call anyone. Cant even connect to a mobile network it says “You need to refer to the SIM card instructions that came with your phone”. I dont get it I followed all the procedures and its flawless the only problem is no network.

    • Luis

      This is on my N-7100 using cwm BTW

  • sahil Sethi

    My phone is not connecting to my pc via USB any ideas?? I’ve tried USB debugging and mtp under storage as well, still not connecting.
    And another query how do we enable soft keys on this rom
    My device is the Galaxy Note 2 N7100

    • sahil Sethi

      And it is charging via USB but not showing up on my computer

  • Mack Drebick

    Will this work on the HTC one (M8)? Also what exactly is this changing in the system files? Is this modifying files that increase the risk of brick?

  • marlin

    yeah max ima having problems installing this cm11 custom rom on my s2 i9100. it keeps telling me installation adorted, what can I do help please.

    • Max Lee

      Error messages? Using CWM v6.0.4.3 or TWRP or higher?

  • adrian

    I’ve got Galaxy S4 i9505 the link you have posted for CM11 has no official rom as of yet, I had one installed but it had issues. Is there any way to work around this?

    • Max Lee

      Use micro Gapps for the latest CM11 M10. I installed it last night and found the stock Gapps causes keyboard to force close.

  • Ernie

    I have a old Nexus S that I always use for rom updates and so on. You have list of different OnePlus One conversion kits. Which one would be best for the Nexus S. Thanks for doing this!!

  • Sanket

    Hi Max.. My Xperia SP won’t boot after doing this.. 🙁 🙁 it just gives the initial boot vibration but I cannot see anything.. Please help me!! PLEASE PLEASE

  • emhes916

    hi max. I just wanna know. is this work on LG G FLEX? thanks

  • saimon

    will this work on my sony xperia arc s

  • saimon

    my device name is not listed when i click on clockworkmod recovery

  • Austin

    Will this conventional kit work well with this rom or is the rom pre installed with oneplus one conventional kit?

  • Sumit

    Sir is it supportable with flyme os 3.8r , i wish it is since it is based on cyanogenmod…… please reply i love this tool , will wait for your reply thanks

  • Nikki

    Hi Max, after instaling M9 C11, camera on my galaxy s3 i9300 has crushed sometimes, any advices? Thx a lot.

    • Max Lee

      Try using micro Gapps, then you will have two cameras, aosp and google camera.

  • thameem

    hi max, i instaled every thing u say, kitkat 4.4.4 and ope plus one conversion kit, ok everythings ok, but sometimes its say. unfortunaly,theprocess,comandroid has stopped, and i shutdown the mobile and power on my battery is low what can i do please help me my mobile is gt n700o

    • Max Lee

      So it does not happen all the time?

      • thameem


  • radzi

    any idea why I’m being prompted this message ? “unfortunately the process has stopped” I’m using the international version of the HTC one X
    I’ve followed the steps which you have provided and it doesn’t work.

    • Max Lee

      Did you install it correctly? Try formatting /system and reinstall ROM first.

  • 왕태강

    Thanks Max.

    My old Nexus S is now ‘high one Android’ with the 1 plus 1 mod! Woo hoo!

    Thx again bro!


    • Max Lee


  • Mahmoud El Shrkawy

    works for s duos 2 (gt-s7582) ?
    thanks in advance 🙂

  • Juan Manuel Magaña Zarate

    Hi Máx I havre tried se eral times top install this update on May lg p500 with no luck, I’m root running cywm and first flashed, next flashed modular Gapps, all went fine útil flashed highonandroid cel response as not found, could you help me install this ROM on my lg??

  • Mikko Sinivirta

    Will this work on Asus Nexus 7 2012?

    • Max Lee

      Yup works flawless running on both my nexus 7 2012 and 2013.

      • Mikko Sinivirta

        Thanks. I’ve done rooting and intalled cwm and all that, and now about to install my firs rom – then also to my phone one x+. Would you reecommend this or liquidsmooth rom in terms of speed and usablity?

  • einjelhart

    do i need to have a cm11 rom to flash OnePlus One mod or i can use this if my rom is liquidsmooth? please advise ..thanks

  • Wikus Robbetze

    This worked great till I installed the update to latest release .Now the theme is gone. Does this mean that if I want my phone to keep looking like the One Plusone, I shouldn’t install any updates ?

  • einjelhart

    mr wikus, did you use that for you i717 or other model of android. im planning to try this but i have already have a liquidsmooth rom. i just want to ask if it’s ok to flash this one plus one to this kind of rom that i have.

  • Victor Candela

    Hi Zedomax.
    I only have a question. Can I flash the OnePlus One conversion kit un a Galaxy Trend\Ace II X with CM11 (11-20141011-UNOFFICIAL-kylesopen) ROM, its based in CM11 M8.

    • Victor Candela

      And with CWM

  • rush

    For my HTC désire601 can’t find cm 11, with your experience you should now where
    to find this Rom..Thx Max !

  • ImpassionedRule

    Are you going to add the new 38R update into a flashable zip?

  • Ehsan Ellahi

    Hi there,
    I have a HTC One M7 running on ViperOne 6.2.1 Android version 4.4.2. My question is that can I still convert my phone into the Oneplus One version or not?

  • Amalka_Ari

    does this rom works on Galaxy I9100G???

  • david blanchard

    Do you know if there’s going to be root method for the lenovo tab s8. Its a pretty awesome tablet for 200 but I want lollipop!

  • Alex Yong

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for all these good stuffs and I would like to share with those who are using the same Samsung GT-N7000 as me.

    I’ve activated ART Runtime with CM11Rom ( ) and my phone is very smooth without any lags and forced-closures of apps. I noticed that my battery now last longer compared to using Dalvik Runtime though now ART takes up more memory space. (about 300MB plus more with 120 apps on my phone).

    I’m using TricksetMod with settings :
    Read Ahead Buffer Size = 128 / Scheduler = row
    Frequency Min = 500000 / Max 1400000
    Governor = ondemand
    CPU Idle Mode = Idle+LPA

    Hope my info helps.


  • Ciel Faux

    I installed it and seems everything is working fine except I have 2 gallery

    • Ciel Faux

      I installed it and seems everything is working fine except I have 2 gallery

      Oh and 2 camera as well

  • Sergiu C

    Hy max, thank you for the awsemn conversion kit, works flawless on Galaxy S4, I have a followup question, cyanogenmod is asking to upgrade, BUT if I do so, I lose the conversion kit, so how do I upgrade cyanogenmod and still keep the conversion kit.

    Thank you, and I will still get highonandroid with you!!

  • mike

    camera is not working on galaxy t989. forces close everytime. any suggestions??

  • Mr droidz

    It sucks the battery pretty quick on my note 2. Is there a setting to adjust to get more out of the battery? I’m already on power saving mode

    • Alex Yong

      Mr droidz,

      You can try to use TricksterMod which you can download from Play Store. I’m not sure if this works for your phone, but for me, it helps my battery lasts longer.

  • feida

    Does it work in China phone like Leagoo Lead 1? Where can I get it’s Cyanogenmod 11? Im looking forward in your response. Thanks in advance.

  • darsh

    The lock screen crashes every time I press power button and then the screen never shows up even if the phone and back ground Processes are going on.BTW the phone is galaxy s (just experimenting)

  • Juan

    How can i delete the kit


    OK but I can’t understand why should I to do this.

  • Avi Nahoray

    Question do I need to to be on a 4.4.2 firmware or can I install this ROM on 4.3? If yes will I face other problems?

  • Nick

    Man, who the hell wants the OPO just because of its software?
    Not just because of the software a “normal” android device converts like a transformer in to a OPO. If you want an OPO, you have to get an Invite and buy it, because otherwise, you’ll only have the same divice with a OPO looking os.

  • Ehsan Ellahi

    Does this conversion toolkit work for ViperOne 6.2.1?

  • nitish

    Can this ROM work on Xiaomi mi3?

  • cagashe

    I had audio fx error on boot so I installed no audio f2f version. But now there is absolutely no sound though everything else works great. How can I enable sound?

  • drencan

    Can this ROM work on Xiaomi mi3?

  • kurt boylard

    I just found high on android. Nice. My situation: I use my nexus 4 as a dashcam. Ever since kit Kat, my camera or any camera crashes / reboots my phone constantly. Do you know of a cure for this?

  • Argenis

    Me dio este Error:

    — Installing: /sdcard/
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed
    E: Error in/sdcard/
    Installation aborted.

    Existe alguna solucion?

  • Cuong Lai

    Hi Max!
    I have 2 questions
    1: Is Samsung Galaxy SII (GT-i9100G) supported?
    2: Can i flash Android Lollipop rom for One Plus One on this converted rom?

  • gio

    hello my friends has anyone problem with his camera with this rom or is there any solution how to fix it , because it lag .

    Samsung Galaxy S3


  • Sameer Shaikh

    Can you please tell me the best and safe way to root my Samsung galaxy note 2 and will I be able to make it like Oneplus one please I am not be able to root can you please provide me the link to root the phone. plz plz answer me.


  • Sameer Shaikh

    Can you pleas tell me the safe and best way to root my Galaxy Note 2, I am not be able to root and second thing will I able to make it like Oneplus on. Please help me and if possible provide me the link to root the phone.


  • AngryCivic

    Hey..don’t know if anyone has noticed but NFC isn’t working. Don’t know if that option has a work around if it does I’m up for it.

  • CJ

    can we change the lockscreen color?

  • Aslam

    hey how to remove one plus one on CM 11.

  • Philip

    CM11 (M9) snapshot is really the one for my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3. Would OnePlusOne conversion kit work with CM 11 (M9) snapshot?

  • Kapil Sharma

    After installing it on my i9300, my contacts app(people) app is not starting. Standard error being poped up – Unfortunately Contacts…….. The exception says – threw Native Crash.
    Help me out please.

    • Philip

      I hope you select the snapshot for your model which is Samsung Galaxy S III international.You must also install Google GAPP to have all android system apps work properly. The video demonstration is for Samsung Galaxy S III USA defined by d2lte ( ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint).

  • Raj Kannan S

    Can I flash this on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S ?

  • simon


    good looking rom

    for some reason it won’t recognise my sim card

  • Mehmet Sapmaz

    İs it have show & hide buttons on screen?

  • Samee

    Doesnt work properly on Nexus 10, i tried the Hexo theme it stuttered like hell and wasnt loading right to the point where i couldnt use it -.-

  • Samee

    Doesnt work on Nexus 10. When I tried the Hexo theme it freaking crashed my device

  • eleam

    Works properly on S4 GTI9505 jlte, flashed trough Odin and TWRP.
    Only CM11S Gallery is crashing (not a big deal). Thanks!

  • Benjay Patricks

    Following the instruction I have flashed my SGH i747.
    Everything seems okay except that I cannot configure the APN to restore my data connection.
    I am with MetroPCS though it used T-Mobile network.
    Can anyone help please?

  • maha

    will this work micromax canvas hd a116


    hey friend
    will it work on samsung galaxy s duos 2 gt-s7582

  • Dave Trowbridge

    Works great! Took me 3 days to work out rooting my phone (Samsung Epic 4G Touch; apparently a notoriously difficult phone to upgrade), and just as I was finishing up, I found this. I’m already having fun with my LG G watch (which is why I upgraded in the first place; I got the watch for Christmas, and got tired of waiting for a KitKat or better phone to become available for free from my carrier), and this package is like icing on the cake.


    • Dave Trowbridge

      But I have to add that the Hexo theme doesn’t seem to work; in fact, the theme and widget files for it show 0.0 KB. Can they be added separately?

  • Bala

    will this work on the M12 build ?

  • kyle

    i know this is probably a dumb question but i have to ask. is there any possible way that you can do this on a trackphone Z768 android version 2.3.7 without an sd card or sim card and just stop what originally came with on the phone because this phone is crappy or if you know any way i could possibly improve my phone in any possible way. also do you know by anychance that you know if i can update youtube by deleting the oldet version. when i try to update it it says i dont have enough space but when i go to see how much space i have it says i have enough

  • geseppy

    The one thing I do not see here, is whether the One S needs to be S=off or if it works with S=on.
    Most roms run fine with s=on, many HTC One S phones cannot be s=off, no matter what you try.

    This is why it is extremely important, that if you own a One S phone, to check whether CM11 is compatible with your phone being s=on. If it is not, then you should also download another rom that is compatible.

    Also if you are s=on you need to flash the rom image to the phone!! if you do not, you will end up in bootloop hell until you do flash it. If your phone is not compatible with CM11 don’t even bother to install it in the first place….best to visit xda forums and check the roms there for your phone, and if there is a cm11 for your device..the correct one.
    one plus one installs over the top of cm 11…so check if your device is compatible first, i cannot stress this enough, or the endless whines and moans turn a decent tuturial into a tutorial whine from hell lol

  • Ryan

    Does anyone know of installing this on a z2 will give me the clear image function from the one plus one?

  • Rajiv Jadhav

    Great tutorial. I’m using Blu Life Play X and Blu Life Pure – both devices have decent hardware specs and are extremely capable of supporting Kitkat and Lollipop – unfortunately no roms exist for this brand from CM. Do you have a work around or any solution I could try to explore? Thanks in advance.

  • Praful Meshram

    cm zip for micromax a116 to make one plus one can anybody know