[DO NOT BUY REVIEW] Tempered Glass for Galaxy S7 Edge, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+!


In my recent unboxing video of a $20 tempered glass on my Galaxy S7 Edge, I learned a few things about them and why you should not use them unless you absolutely can live with its flaws.

Now, this tempered glass is branded as many different tempered glass online Peyou, GPEL, iCarez, etc…etc… They are all basically made by the same company and you need to know that all of them have these flaws.

Now, I am ONLY talking about curved tempered glass, regular flat tempered glass work well if installed correctly but curved tempered glass for S7 Edge/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+ are all the same and useless crapgadget made by the same company branded as different brands.

First and foremost, once you put on one of these tempered glass on your S7 Edge or any other edge screen devices like S7 Edge, S6 Edge, or S6 Edge+, there is a grainy finish on the inside of these tempered glass which affects your AMOLED display. Now, this finish is supposed to protect against the actual tempered glass scratching the real Gorilla Glass of your phone but the big problem is that you end up with a crappy looking display.

While most cameras don’t pick this up but in real life, you will see rainbow effect or grainy effect where everything looks grainy with little bit of RGB colors added. I tell, you this is the number one reason why you shouldn’t use tempered glass because it makes your AMOLED display into a $5 720P display. Why are you spending $20 on a tempered glass that downgrades your display? If you can absolutely live with this yucky display, then go ahead. Now if you don’t believe what I am saying, go read every comment about S7 Edge tempered glass written by actual customers, they will say there is either rainbow or grainy effect. Some people might not be bothered but I assure you, it’s like putting on crap rainbow glass in front of your $700-800 smartphone.

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Max Lee

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  1. Lewis Dean says:

    Thanks for sharing, interesting to see the flaws of the screen protector on a curved screen.