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This page lists all the HighOnAndroid Smartphone reviews of 2015:

Galaxy Note 5 – Best Phablet Smartphone!

Although the Galaxy Note 5 has some major overhaul and Samsung decided to reinvent the Note series by making a bunch of changes, this is still the king of phablet-sized smartphones.


– Very fast processor.

– S-Pen stylus is best on the market.

– Brightest screen on the market, excellent 1440P screen.

– Great camera/4K video recording/OIS – one of the best on the market.

– Great microphone, cuts through wind like a Samurai Katana sword.


– No removable battery/micro-SD like its predecessors.

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LG V10 – The next best phablet?

LG’s latest flagship phablet rivals the Note 5 by offering many of the same features minus the S-Pen.  This is another great phablet, perhaps the 2nd best phablet out right now.


– 1440P screen with realistic color reproduction, better than Note 5.

– Secondary screen for notifications and shortcuts.

– Removable battery and microSD card slot.

– 32-bit DAC for audiophiles who use headphones and high-quality audio files.

– Camera with manual mode for both photos & videos, camera is just as good as the Note 5 and in some ways better.

– 3 microphones with directional control and audio level controls.

– IR Blaster for TV Remote control.


– Snapdragon 808 processor isn’t a wow factor in terms of performance.  Fast enough but will it last?

– Display isn’t that bright, 400 nits at its brightest setting.

– Battery life is short although you can get an extra battery and charger.

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Moto X Pure/Style – Best Smartphone under $400!

Motorola’s latest flagship that offers a ton of features at almost half the price of its competition.

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