CruzerLite Galaxy S4 Cases!

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Looking for some good Galaxy S4 cases?

Check out some of the latest CruzerLite Galaxy S4 cases, solid!

For those of you who need to stay “really” High On Android, I highly recommend the Android Clone Army or the BugDroid Circuit, available in many different colors.

These cases fit “all” Galaxy S4 Android smartphones so it will work so long as you have a Galaxy S4.






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  • Misael Machado

    Hey Max,
    I live in Brazil and I’ve tried to buy 03 CruzerLite Galaxy S4 Cases with no success on Amazon.
    I have also tried to find them on but I could find only read color. I wanna one clear, white and pink.

    How can I do to buy these 03 cases from CruzerLite?

    Hope you can help me.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Misael M.

  • Jerver

    Awesome! Case ordered!

  • David

    Great little case. Ordered 1, however they have doubled in price, but still worth it.