Galaxy Note 4 vs. LG G4! – What Are the Differences?


If you are on the fence about buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or the LG G4, let me shed a bit of light to help you decide.  Without a doubt, both Galaxy Note 4 and LG G4 are the top 2 best phablets on the market today.


Probably the biggest difference between Galaxy Note 4 and the LG G4 is the S-Pen stylus and pressure-sensitive screen.  The Note 4 is the fourth iteration of world’s first phablet-type of device and its S-pen can do lots of things like draw, access full-sized websites more accurate, and allow you to use your phone all without your hands.  Of course, this is a unique feature only found with Galaxy Note 4 (other copycats have something like S-Pen but no pressure sensitivity) and many artists can swear by their new found abilities of making art on the go.  On the other hand, the LG G4 lacks this very feature that makes phablets cool to carry around.  But if you don’t need the S-Pen, the LG G4 is probably the next best alternative without the added weight.


For size, the Galaxy Note 4 sports a 5.7-inch screen while the LG G4 has 5.5-inch screen.  The Note 4 simply is a bigger/heavier device while the LG G4 is shorter/narrower.  If you want a phablet-type device but you think Note 4 is too large for your hands, the LG G4 may be the perfect size while the Note 4 may be perfect size if you want bigger screen.


The feel on the Galaxy Note 4 is very good, the metal bezels give you that solid feel when you hold the phone.


The LG G4 doesn’t give you that solid feel but a different feel that allows your hands to naturally wrap around the back with its curved back.  G4 does feel a lot thinner due to its rounded/tapered edges in comparison to the Note 4.  Now, if you use a case, the LG G4 may have better overall feel.

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  1. phissith says:

    Well Note 4 does not have 810. It’s 805