Galaxy Note 5 Review – Best Smartphone of 2015?


4 years ago, Samsung launched the first big smartphone with its first Galaxy Note Android smartphone. At the time, no one knew that phablets like the Galaxy Note would become popular. In fact, most media outlets called it a ridiculously large phone that’s not going to fit in your pocket. Well, fast forward to 2015 and everyone is using a large phone these days. Even Apple introduced their iPhone 6 Plus to satisfy the people’s urge to use large smartphones. Phablets are like the SUVs of cars and if you want the best SUV, the Galaxy Note 5 is really the best you can buy right now.


Note 5 Design


The biggest difference with Note 5 versus its predecessors is its design. Samsung has opted to go with seamless design with a curved glass back. I feel like they have removed the biggest features like removable battery and microSD card but for those of you don’t care for that, you may love the new Note 5 design.

The Note 5 feels great in the hands also, the curved back does help and the glass feels magnificent. Of course, we highly suggest you to use a case since glass is easily broken and that really offsets Samsung’s focus on design.  Heck, if I use a case, the back of the phone is pretty much useless no matter how beautiful it is. Oh well.

Note 5 Screen


The Note 5 has the same resolution of 2560 by 1440 resolution with an upgraded Super AMOLED screen that’s actually about 10% brighter than the Note 4.  It’s a newer, brighter screen but the resolution has stayed the same.

There’s really nothing bad I can say about the Note 5 screen, it’s certainly the best smartphone screen out there “right now” and Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays are usually 30-40% brighter than its nearest competitors at its brightest setting.

Note 5 S-Pen


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