Galaxy Note 7 Unboxing!


Samsung has released their latest Galaxy Note 7 phablet smartphone officially as of today and we got to unbox it.  This is their latest flagship device that many Note owners have been waiting for.  With many new features added over previous Note 5 like IP68 water-proof rating, faster processor, IRIS scanner, and bigger battery, the Note 7 is ultimate smartphone for large phone lovers.

Samsung has fixed the infamous Note 5 bug where S-Pen could get stuck backwards, the Note 7 doesn’t allow the S-Pen to even enter the hole.  While this may not be an issue for most, we’ve had more than a few dozen people e-mailing us that they accidentally stuck their S-Pen backwards.


As far as design, top of Galaxy Note 7 has stayed relatively identical to last year’s Note 5, the only real difference is curved front screen that gives it symmetric lines.


Probably one of the biggest changes with Note 7 (and also Samsung’s first) is addition of USB Type-C port instead of USB Type-B.  We think timing is right on as Samsung decides to get on the Type-C bandwagon.


Through our Note 7 unboxing, we found a new IR LED on the top-left and IRIS scanner on top-right of the device.  IR LEDs allow accurate viewing of the human iris while the IRIS scanner is a dedicated camera for scanning  your eyes.  We will probably dive more into this but for now, this is the world’s first flagship smartphone with IRIS security.  Pretty cool huh?


The size of Galaxy Note 7 is ever so slightly bigger than the Galaxy S7 Edge.  As shown here, it is just a tad taller and wider.  If you don’t need the S-Pen, you may be better off getting the S7 Edge as price is lower and battery will probably last longer.

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  1. Edward Schwartz says:

    Is root available for the Sprint model? and if so, can you please post it.