Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Review! [After A Month]


I want to start this review out by focusing on what I like most then pointing out problems and things you may want to consider when buying them.

What’s Great about the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge?


First of all, both Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge feature IP68 water resistant rating which is probably the coolest feature. In fact, what’s amazing is that these phones can survive harshest conditions, even surviving a full wash cycle in my LG washer and actually being froze in my freezer, you can check out those videos on my channel. Okay, maybe this isn’t a feature you may be interested in but if it is, may be you live in Seattle where it rains often or you like to play with water often, this could potentially be the reason to buy a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.  Think of all the possibilities, you can use your phone in the rain, record videos underwater, watch youtube videos in the shower, etc…etc…


Second, S7 and S7 Edge feature a design that’s seamlessly beautiful with classy curves on the back and front. For people who appreciate feel and design the most, the S7 and S7 Edge both look and feel sexy as the glass and metal back cools to your fingers like melting butter.


Third, S7 and S7 Edge feature the latest Qualcomm 820 processor for U.S. models and Exynos 8890 for international models. Performance is one of the best out there with its 4 gigs of RAM and it’s definitely on par with rest of the flagships on the market today.  Samsung has always been leading the arms race with the fastest processors on their Galaxy series so you won’t have a problem with this beastly-spec phone.  Now, there are sometimes problems but we will get into that later.

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