Gear VR for S6/S6 Edge Review!


This is an updated review for the Gear VR on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. (See our original Gear VR Review here)

Samsung has updated the Gear VR, now it works for both Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.  Before the Gear VR only worked for Note 4 but not the Note Edge, which was particularly annoying since you had to make a choice between a curved display or a flat one with VR capabilities.  If you own a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge though, this year you are both able to take full advantage of the new Gear VR for the Galaxy S6 as they both work flawless out of the box.

Okay, so what’s changed with Gear VR for the S6 from Note 4 version?

Gear VR for the S6 is 10% clearer due to higher pixel density of the Galaxy S6 screen. When I tried it out, it definitely improved by 10% and although it sounds small, everything looks more crisp and clear.   It’s a definitely a huge improvement to your naked eye.  I just feel like it’s more complete now, Samsung has really improved it to near level of flawlessness.  And yes, there’s also now a dedicated micro-USB port on the new Gear VR so you can charge the device while using the Gear VR.  I actually got to try this during my 20-hour flight to Thailand on my vacation and boy, I watched 6 hours of movies straight with no problems.  Also, I did carry my Aukey USB Power bank, which supports fast charging and kept my Galaxy S6 at near 100% battery level the whole time.

Okay, after using it in real life situation like an airplane, I have really gotten to appreciate what the Gear VR can do.  It’s not all the virtual reality games you can play in full 3D and be fully immersed into it but I realize that simple things like watching a movie is the coolest feature.

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Max Lee

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