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On the right side you will find the power button meshed so you can easily feel it in the dark and this is made from all metal, oh effin yeah. The volume buttons are also metallic, very clicky and easy to press.



On the bottom, you will find the USB Type C port and speakers. The speakers have been downgraded to mono speakers this year and this could be a bit disappointing for previous Nexus 6 or 6P users. The sound is okay and pretty decent but nothing out of ordinary.


On the back you will see a single “G” and you can see in small print “Phone by Google” and this phone is made in Taiwan by HTC. The back is particularly unique I would say as it has two-thirds metal and one-third glass. The glass material reflects much warmers colors and you can see here it is reflecting yellow off my white softboxes, looks kinda cool. Not a fan of this design but then again, I won’t be spending most of my time looking at the back of the phone.


On top, you will find a 3.5mm headphone jack, YES!


There is dual LED followed by 12.3MP camera, sensors, and microphone. Upon my initial testing versus the Nexus 6P and S7 Edge, the Pixel XL seems to perform slightly better in low-light and auto-focus and shutter speed is quite fast. You can take photos much much quicker than last year’s 6P. Now, the Pixel does seemed to suffer from light flares when pointed directly at light sources such as LEDs while this didn’t happen on any of my other smartphones. With video, Pixel now has a gyro that will stabilize your videos, it seems a bit stuttery but this is definitely huge improvement over last year’s 6P which had none.

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