LG G4 Cases! [Ringke/Spigen/Verus]

If you don’t use a protective case for your LG G4, don’t ever expect it to survive a drop test and don’t cry because you forgot to get a case.

There are a ton of drop tests online on YouTube that prove nothing.  Without a case, your smartphone will break if you drop it in a certain way (usually face down) and you may have noticed numerous people carrying around their smartphone with broken screens (which look awfully funny, like someone who drives a car with a half-bent frame.

With a good case, your smartphone will probably survive many drops, and save you $600-700 you paid for your phone.  If you absolutely don’t want to use a case, make sure you get insurance for your phone unless you have a money tree growing in your backyard.

With that said, I can recommend you several good cases for the LG G4 from different case companies like Ringe, Spigen, and Verus.

Ringke Fusion Case for LG G4


First up is the Ringke Fusion case for the LG G4 which comes in two different flavors, a smoke black and crystal clear.  The Ringke Fusion case is a see-thru case that’s going to let you retain the color of your phone with a thin profile.  It’s a thin case that’s going to protect your phone with some lip for both the screen and camera side.  You can also design your own back and cut it to slip between the back of your G4 and the case to give it the ultimate custom look.  I really dig these cases as they are built high-quality and don’t forget there’s even dust-covers for the headphone jack/micro-USB port along with a hole to connect your favorite cellphone accessories.   This case also does come with a screen protector.

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