LG G4 HONEST Unboxing!



I finally got my hands on the LG G4 and unboxing this new bad boy was a pleasure.  First off, the LG G4 is a huge improvement over last year’s LG G3, which in my opinion had one of the best smartphone cameras with its laser-focus and 4K with OIS.

The LG G4 has pretty much all of those features from last year with a 16MP back camera (from 13MP last year) and F1.8 lens (from F2.4 last year) touted as the fastest camera lens for a smartphone ever.


The LG G4 comes with a 3000mAh battery, which is plenty to go for a full day and its removable battery allows the user to easily go for days with multiple batteries and external charger, probably the best way to keep your batteries last longer also.


For charging, the G4 comes with a 5V 1.8amps AC adapter, which doesn’t support fast charging like many of the competition but since it has removable battery, it’s not all that bad.


Of course, the camera lens with F1.8 is what makes the LG G4 stand out above the rest.  In my initial photo/video tests, the F1.8 edged out the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in clarity and brighter photos with its faster lens.  As we have expected before, the G4 does live up to its promise and F1.8 does what it says.


Curved screen?  Yes, the LG G4 actually has a curved screen!  Not as curved as the G Flex 2 but if you place the phone face-down on your desk, you will certainly see some gap and the curved screen.  It’s definitely a cool factor and does help out in viewing angles, especially when playing games or viewing videos in landscape mode.  Not as pronounced as G Flex 2 but this was definitely one of the cool features that I liked about the G Flex 2.

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