LG G6 Disassembly Teardown!

Here’s disassembly/teardown of LG G6 and general guide on how to fix parts such as replacing screen, camera, etc…etc…

My recommended tools for LG G6 disassembly/screen repair:

  • #00 Screw driver – Link
  • Suction cup/car mount – Link
  • Guitar Picks – Link
  • Plastic Pry Tool – Link
  • Box Cutter Knife – Link
  • Heat Gun – Link

Step 1. First you will want to use the heat gun to heat up the back of the phone. Then put your suction cup towards the bottom of the phone.

Step 2. Apply some more heat gun to the bottom of the phone. Go ahead and heat up the bottom of the phone then stick your sharp knife between the gap of the back glass and the phone.

Step 3. Next, take a guitar pick and slowly move up the sides. Apply some more heat using the heat gun and repeat the process until the whole back glass comes off.


Step 4. There are 11 screws, unscrew all of them.

Step 5. Also, don’t forget to take the sim card tray out! Slowly pull off the wireless charging unit which is stuck on with adhesives. Carefully pull the top part of the plastic assembly out. If it gets stuck, try wiggling on the bottom right of it and it should pull out.

After that, the bottom speaker assembly should also easily pop out.

Step 6. The battery is stuck with adhesive. To get it out, first disconnect the battery connector, heat it with heat gun then pry out with any flat plastic tool.

Step 7. Once 3 connectors are disconnected, the motherboard will easily slip out.

For screen repairs, I do highly recommend you to buy an LCD digitizer w/ frame, which should cost $50-60 more but you will be able to re-assemble your phone without losing waterproofing.  If you don’t care about waterproofing, you can also replace just the LCD itself, check out my friend JerryRigEverything’s video on that here.

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