LG G6 Disassembly Teardown! - Page 2

To re-assemble, first you will want to clean up the thermal paste and apply new thermal paste. Go ahead and clean off all the existing thermal paste. You can use some soju or your favorite bottle of liquor to clean it.

For thermal paste, you can use PC thermal paste like Artic Silver, simply put a small drop of it. Carefully put the motherboard back on. Next, connect the front camera connector. Then connect the two connectors also at the bottom.

Next, put the battery back in and also connect the battery connector.

Carefully place the top plastic assembly back on first. It should all snap into place easily. Then put the bottom speaker assembly back on. This should also snap into place.

Lastly but not least, go ahead and screw all the screws back in, that is 11 screws total.

Now, if you absolutely need waterproofing, you will want to replace the adhesives with new ones and make sure to apply them perfectly. For now, I am just going to re-use the adhesive. Carefully put the back cover on, apply some heat gun and keep pressing down on the back cover until it is flush.

Power on your phone and if it power up, congrats! Once turned on, check and make sure everything is working such as 4G LTE, front camera, back camera, etc…etc…

If you have trouble, please watch the video tutorial above, thanks!



















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