OnePlus 3T Review!


Worth buying the OnePlus 3T?  This is a $439 phone (for 64GB of storage) that comes with the latest Snapdragon 821 processor, whopping 6 gigs of RAM, 5.5-inch 1080P AMOLED screen, dual-SIM, and 3400mAh of battery.

If there was one single reason to buy the OnePlus 3T, it is the fastest Android smartphone on the market.  Its latest Snapdragon 821 blows through benchmarks (160K on Antutu) and the extra 6GB of RAM helps to get every ounce of performance out of the phone.  To put it simply, OnePlus has a turbo-charged Android smartphone that is faster than anything else.

Design isn’t exactly unique(as it looks like many other Chinese-made phones these days) but its metal-unibody design is simple and clean along with excellent slim build quality.  No one will know that you are using a $439 phone as its build quality is definitely like an $800 phone.   Camera is above average, its low-light performance is nowhere near likes of Google Pixel or Galaxy S7 Edge but if you are not too crazy about having the best low-light camera, the 3T’s 16MP front and back camera will do just fine to get you through the day, just turn on flashlight for dark scenes.  Battery life is excellent with a huge 3400mAh battery, you will easily get all day battery life as its AMOLED screen is also very battery-efficient.  Sound quality is average, pretty loud but mono single speaker coming out from the bottom of the phone.

Fingerprint sensor is located on the front bottom of the 3T, it is actually the fastest front fingerprint sensor I have ever used and works faster/better than my Galaxy S7 Edge(which has tendency to lag or not work).  While I prefer back fingerprint sensor like on Google Pixel or LG V20, the OnePlus 3T’s front fingerprint sensor is so good this is the only phone I wouldn’t mind using on the front.

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Max Lee

Max Lee is the founder of Max makes Android tutorials and review videos for people who want to get high on Android over at his YouTube channel and Korean YouTube channel.