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UI and software is also slightly-modified versions of Android’s stock pure Google OS, which makes the phone fly without all that junk TouchWiz/LG/Huawei skins and add-ons.   There are innovative gesture shortcuts added along with soft/hardware button option on the OnePlus 3T which makes it easy to customize it to your liking.  And of course, don’t forget you can easily root the phone without voiding your warranty and load on any of your favorite custom ROMs, this is the only phone in the world that officially supports user to root.  The OnePlus 3T is also a dual-SIM phone meaning you can get voice and 4G LTE data on two different SIM cards.  This will work out well for those of you who travel overseas often.

Overall, the OnePlus 3T doesn’t have things like 1440P screen, waterproofing, or microSD card but at the cost of $439, this is certainly the best Android smartphone you can buy under $500.  And yes, regardless of such low price, this is the fastest Android smartphone in the world.  Now, if OnePlus 3T can cater to American users more with 1440P screen with much better camera, this could certainly be a flagship killer.

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