S-View Flip Cover w/ Wireless Charging for Note 4 Review!


Probably the coolest case for the Note 4 is the S-View Flip Cover with Wireless Charging.  (It’s also available for Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S4)

The S-View Flip cover will replace your existing back cover. Simply pop off your old one then pop in the new S-View cover.  The case itself is very durable and will protect your phone very well. The S-View cover build quality is durable and sturdy. I’ve seen many cheaper S-view covers that were made by 3rd parties but the the build quality is like night and day. S-view cover fits your phone perfectly and makes your phone even more luxurious.  Flip cases like this in general are the best in protecting your phone’s screen in your pockets against small scratches from keys and whatnot. You will be able to unlock the case automatically when you open the cover, saving you the hassle of adding more grime on your phone by swiping.



The wireless charging is awesome. You will need a Qi-compatible wireless charger, I do recommend the CHOE charger which is rated at 5V/1A output to give you the fastest charging and only costs like 22 bucks on Amazon.  This Note 4 case is going to protect your phone well whether you drop it on the screen side or the camera side. It’s a very nice case. It really turns your phone into a Notebook. I used to not like this but after trying it on my Note Edge lately, I kinda fell in love with it and highly recommend this.  And your phone is not complete without the S-View case.

In the main display, you will see the clock, weather, number of steps if you are using the pedometer on it, quick access to camera, time, date, and couple features.  S-View cover comes with just a few shortcuts like calling your favorite contacts, enable the flashlight, measure your heart rate, and access the S-View settings to customize your S-View.  For settings, you will be able to set different styles of clock, change the wallpaper, and select which items to show including camera shortcut, weather, pedometer, and floating messages.

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Max Lee

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2 Responses

  1. Vreamity says:

    Really useless. This cover is bulky. Open close each time you want te use the phone. It hides the design you paid for the note 4. AND th big shit is that it takes ages to charge, like 6h from 0 to 100 for a phone that takes 45mn with wall charger. I got his from my preorder and just tested it . And realise that today wireless charging is just a shit.

  2. David says:

    Hello Mr. Lee

    Is there any crazy chance that You will make some kind’a test to see what cases will work with the oem standard qi back on the phone?

    And as always,- I am very high after watching Your videos 🙂