LG Watch Urbane Unboxing & Review!

LG Watch Urbane is probably the most anticipated Android Wear watch this year featuring a full 360-degree screen, just like a regular watch.  Priced at $349 on the Play Store, is this the ultimate smartwatch to get this year?  Let’s find out.



Fresh out of the unboxing, the LG Watch Urbane gave me this impression that it’s high quality.  In fact, the watch band itself is made out of real leather with perfect stitches tricking you into the thought that this wasn’t a smartwatch but a luxury watch.  Well, a quick look in the back of the watch shows us its heart rate sensor and 5-pin charging port.


The LG Watch Urbane watch comes with a magnetic charger, which I love about LG smartwatches as it’s really easy to charge your device.  My only complain with my Gear S watch is that the charger must be manually mounted and unmounted with a good amount of force.  The LG Watch Urbane has none of those problems.


The LG Watch Urbane is easy to pair to your Android smartphone (yes, works with ANY Android smartphone/tablet), it took me a total of 5 seconds to pair, I think that’s the fastest I’ve seen for an Android Wear watch.


The detail on this watch is immaculate, I cannot find a single flaw.


The LG Watch Urbane comes loaded with watch faces normally found on luxury watches.  You can have them all out of the box, just unbox it baby!


Remote shutter feature was really cool.  You can see a live view of your camera and remotely control the shutter on your LG Watch Urbane.  This is going to come in handy for using your back camera for selfies.


My favorite feature on Android Wear currently is being able to view and control my home security cameras using the TinyCam PRO app.

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Max Lee

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  1. Marco says:

    Hi Max. how do you setup the remote shutter feature or app in LG urbane? I can’t find it. I am a big fan of yours from Mexico.