Galaxy Note 10.1 Review!

Galaxy Note 10.1 is here folks! I think this is the best tablet on the market right now specifically for entrepreneurs, students, and kids. It’s the tablet I have been dreaming about for the last 12 months or so since I’ve heard rumors about it.


I love my Galaxy Note (the phablet version) and it’s really cool that I can take notes on it but my wish was always that I could do the same thing on a bigger screen, which is essentially a digital white board I can carry with me anywhere, jot down my ideas whenever I want.

That feature alone is worth getting the Galaxy Note 10.1. However, if you are not an avid note taker, don’t like drawing, or find S-Pen feature useless, this isn’t the tablet for you.

Everyone is saying how Galaxy Note 10.1 doesn’t have as high resolution screen as tablets like Transformer Prime Infinity and it’s true, you are not going to get that crisp screen. However, there’s many features that offset the resolution and to me, that’s better than having a Prime Infinity because I need them badly.

First, the S-Pen feature allows me to easily jot down my ideas. Not only that, the S-Pen does far more than its pressure-sensitive scribbling on a digital tablet. It allows you to get things done on a tablet device. Without the S-Pen, there would be a lot of extra hand movements that could lead to accidental wipes, clicks, and potential long-term arthritis.

With the S-Pen, your actions are accurately communicated to your tablet device, allowing you to browse the web much easier than without it. Not only that, the S-Pen also can access hovering menus just like a traditional desktop mouse. This little feature can become very useful browsing certain full desktop sites and has proved to be one I really like.

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Max Lee

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18 Responses

  1. ellon says:

    I have been looking forward to this tablet for months and still haven’t gotten it because I think they left out a major component I wish my first tablet (yep my phones and laptops and wife have kept me from them) to have… 4G! And I know what’s going to happen. In 6-12 months they’ll release the 3g version then in 12 – 24mo a 4g version. AGHHH!!! The split screen and s-pen are good reasons why this should / could eliminate home laptop use, but without mobile data whats the point. I think a tablet should be able to function everywhere. I’m truly upset it doesn’t have this feature but this is yet another positive review I’ve read along with my gut feeling, and may be my first tablet after all.

  2. Niranjan says:

    Samsung galaxy note 10.1 is definitely going to be my first tablet. It is really a good one apart from screen resolution (which i dont care). Nonetheless it is a great tablet. I am in India, so basically finding a wifi hotspot is a pain in the rear, and i really liked, that i can use sim in this device , which means i can use internet anywhere. And how can i forget S-pen , it is going to do my work so much easier . Indeed a great device from SAMSUNG . And thanks for the positive review.

  3. twospirits says:

    Out of the numerous reviews out there, only two gave it positive remarks and now I can add this one to that small selected list. Its amazing how some those other reviewers get so hooked on little things like…
    “oh, it doesn’t have a super dooper Retina display”,
    “there are not that many apps to be useful in multiview”,
    “there is lag betweem switching apps” and the kicker
    “its plastic, and has Touchwiz”, blah blah blah. Yet…
    The resolution is because there isn’t any wiacom device out now with a higher resolution. if there was, it certainly wouldn’t be 500 dollars.
    Multiview is a awesome concept and one that should be implemented in Android. Speaking of which, until Android includes such coding, this is as good as it gets for the time being. I rather have a few apps that can be utilized side by side than none at all.
    There isn’t any lag with this beast, as shown in the video one has to touch the app to start using it. and as for those that state oh its plastic and has Touchwiz. Oh please, some just want to complain. Having a metal back cause numerous problems with the Transformer and WiFi.
    This device is by far the best tablet I have ever used. Using a iPad to a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet and then coming to this one is something that I am glad I did. its simply remarkable.
    Thanks for the review and all your tips and hacks.

  4. andy says:

    Hello I have question on the galaxy note 10.1 3g model can I get the 3g to work with tmobile 3g? Like when you try to flash the att note to work on tmobile 3g….

  5. Ian says:

    Max where did you get the 3G edition… is that only sold outside the US or what? Also great review! – They only show the 10.1 Note as WiFi only?


  6. twospirits says:

    I really wanted to get a 3G/4G version but the ones out there are actually just 3G. No LTE. And if there was LTE it probably wouldn’t have been one for my carriers’ frequencies. I wish iFixit would have done a tear down of a 3G version instead of the wifi one. I would have liked to see if one can just open it up and insert a 3G/4G/LTE module much like what one can do with a Lenovo Thinkpad tablet. Then that would be really sweet.

    So far I connect the Note to my hotspot and use it as my daily device. I simply love it.


  7. ZiZoKnight says:

    I’m “not an avid note taker, don’t like drawing” but this is THE perfect tablet for me. I find the build quality to be absolutely RUBBISH , but once I turn the screen on I forget all about it !!! This thing is light years ahead of other android tablets , it just FLYS with the powerful processor and 2GB of RAM , UI feels very responsive , the browser is OMG-fast , I completed MC3 on it without a single hiccup ,still looking for something to push it to its limits. I find the S Pen a nice-to-have extra , the screen is nothing to complain about , it is bright , colors are really nice and overall good contrast , it is not the sharpest around but it gets the job done. The best part about it is the battery life , 2 charges get me over a week of moderate use. EVERY SINGLE PENNY I PAID ON THIS THING IS WORTH IT.

  8. Mark says:

    Hi Max. Great device. Is there any word yet on a custom JB ROM for the 8010?

  9. Kevin says:

    Hey Magic Max.:-)

    Note 10.1 gt-n8010

    Root? Jb rom,custom rom?

    You know anything?

    Peace Kevin

  10. James Whitaker says:

    Do u know when 4G model of this tablet will be released for Verizon? I like this model but want for 4G.

  11. elvis best says:

    hey my samsung galaxy tab 10.1 at&t sph-i1497 its rooted but i dont have cwm or twrp how do i add it to my my tab? please help and thank u

  12. elvis best says:

    i got the 4g LTE its bad i give my wife the ipad3 its better way better n faster than the other tabs i ahve seen even on wifi its quick no lag