Kindle Fire Root on Windows, Mac, and Linux Plus Unroot!

Want to root your Kindle Fire?

Well, we’ve got some good news for you, Kindle Fire can be rooted on a Windows, Mac OSX, or even Linux.

Best all, you can unroot anytime back to stock anytime you want.

What can rooting do for you?  Right now not much but in the near future you will be able to install new ROMs on the Kindle Fire, perhaps even run Linux, and a whole lot more.

Do you have an Amazon Kindle?  If so, hit up the rooting/unrooting links below!


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  • Max

    will this method work for a kindle fire hd? thinking of buying one but only if I can root it

  • Steven

    i try to root my kidnle fire i think i did everything right now it’s stuck on the kindle fire logo and with won’t do anything please help me

  • PreferNotToSay

    Will this work on kindle fire 7.4.6