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Gel Suction Smartphone Car Mount Review!

For those of you who live in the U.S., did you know it’s illegal in over 50% of the States to have a suction cup phone mount on the windshield of your car? (See my article here for list of illegal States). Cops will probably not pull you over but if they wanted to find a reason, this could be one reason to pull you over. If you like to carry illegal stuff in your car (not that I recommend it), pay attention, I may save you from going to jail. Besides that, having a suction phone mount on your windshield does get in the way of your view.

How to Make a Touchscreen Glove! – Nanotips

You’ve probably seen touchscreen gloves before. I actually have one that I bought in Korea last winter I was there.  Well, these are great but I don’t wear these gloves here in California as the weather never gets too cold plus they are not designed to be used while snowboarding or riding my motorcycle, sorta makes them useless.