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How to Playback YouTube Videos with Screen-Off on Any Android Smartphone/Tablet!

By utliizing our super natural powers through use of teleporting and subconsciously reprogramming your brain, we are gonna get you SUPER HIGH ON ANDROID with a Sunday Quicky.

So I got a question last night from Florence who asked me, “ My parents and I use note 3 from tmobile and I’m the person who sets everything up. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah  When mom is watching YouTube and phone goes to sleep it shuts volume off with the headphones. The woman is driving me crazy because she can’t get directtv where she lives so her note 3 is her access to her korean shows.”


Viper4Android App for Rooted Android! [Best Audio App]

For those of you with a rooted Android smartphone or tablet, you probably want to know that there’s an awesome audio app that’s free and you can install on any rooted Android device.  This app is better than anything on the Play Store and it’s free.

If you thought rooting an Android device was unnecessary, Viper4Android is one app that’s going to make you want to root your Android device.


Equalizer App for Android – Best App of the Week!

Do you need to adjust your sound quality when listening to music on your Android device? Well, I have been using DSP Manager and other apps that require custom ROMs but found this really great app that does it on any Android device, no rooting required.

The Equalizer app for Android works out of the box flawlessly (on ICS) and can provide you with quick sound adjustments for better quality listening. I think this is a great app that works well across many Android devices and works instantly.