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How to Remove/Fix 60% Battery Limit on Galaxy Note 7!

(Above is my Note 7 fully charged to 100% and with green icon, this is an ORIGINAL Note 7, not the second edition.)

For those of you STILL using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we highly recommend you to return it to Samsung or local carrier.  But there are instances like where you may not be able to get your full money back.  I bought my international Galaxy Note 7 on eBay and could not get my money back as it was over 30-days for the return period plus eBay doesn’t have policies protecting Galaxy Note 7 buyers.  You may be in the same boat where you acquired the Note 7 overseas and it may mean you are stuck with the phone.


How to Film Professional Videos w/ Android Smartphone!

In this video tutorial, we show you how to film professional quality videos with your Android smartphone. (You can also use iPhone or any other smartphone if you’d like.)

Now, probably the least you will need is some type of a tripod and a smartphone mount to hold your smartphone.   Without these, you will end up with shaky videos taken with your hands which may look very amateur at best.


Pokemon Go Cheat/Hack for Android – How to Play Game without Leaving House! [Works on v0.35.0][UPDATE]

When Pokemon Go app was launched, I was really excited to play the game until I found out I can’t get any new Pokemons due to the fact that the game’s support in Thailand is nearly non-existent.  I am staying here in rural part of Chiang Mai, Thailand and found zero Pokemons over the course of few days.  Also I traveled to Bangkok for 10 days and found zero.  This is a really frustrating game for those of you who live outside Pokemon’s release countries such as South Korea where the game only works in rural city near Japan called Sokcho.


How to Convert Any Android to HTC Sense! [HTC Sense Home Beta APK]

HTC is working on a new HTC Home Sense launcher that will work on any Android device.  It should be available shortly on the Play Store but if you don’t want to wait, you can grab the beta version APK file and install it yourself.

Unlike official versions of HTC Home Sense launcher, this beta version works on any Android smartphone or tablet with Android 4.2 or higher.  This means even if you don’t own an HTC phone/tablet, you can still enjoy HTC Sense along with BlinkFeed right there on your phone.


How to Watch NBA Finals LIVE Online Free on Android! [Warriors vs. Cavaliers]

For those of you who want to watch the NBA Finals Game 5 or 6 LIVE on your Android (or iOS device), there an easy free way to do it.

Yes, I am currently in Thailand and this is the only way I will be able to watch it.

Step 1. Sign up for 7-day free trial at SlingTV (  Sign up for the basic $20 service.  You will need a credit card to sign up, but won’t be charged until after 7 days.


How to Install Android N Keyboard APK on Any Android!

For those of you who want to experience Android N keyboard, now you can install on any Android device using the Android N Keyboard APK file.

The new Android N keyboard now have cool features like custom themes (different colors/your own image) along with keyboard height option similar to LG G5 keyboard.   If you have larger device like Galaxy Note 5 or S7 Edge, this will help you make the keyboard bigger and make typing easier, especially if you have large hands.


How to Connect USB Flash Drive & SSD to USB Type C on Android! [OTG]

In this tutorial, we show you how to connect various different USB devices like a USB flash drive, SSD, mouse, or even a keyboard to Android devices using USB Type C using OTG cable.

Since newer smartphones like LG G5, Nexus 6P/5X, and One Plus Two use USB Type C, you will need to grab a USB Type C OTG cable.  (We recommend the iXCC USB Type C OTG cable.)  You can also use regular USB Type B OTG cable with adapter but the file transfer speeds will be much slower so we don’t recommend it.