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Android Unroot Explained!

Unroot Android?

What does unrooting Android mean?

“Unroot” is term used for removing root on your rooted Android smartphone or tablet device.

There’s two different terms of unrooting, first refers to simply removing root from your Android device. This simply means that you will be removing 2 or 3 files that gives your Android device superuser/admin access to your phone. Specifically, you will be removing the three files Superuser.apk (the SuperUser or SuperSU app) and su binaries (usually located in /system/bin and /system/xbin) directory. (If you want to learn how to manually remove root yourself using ES File Explorer, see How to Unroot Android Smartphone or Tablet.)


How to Unroot Any Rooted Android Smartphone or Tablet!! [1-Click Universal Method]

For those of you wondering how to “unroot” any rooted Android smartphone or tablet, did you know that you can do that easily with 1-click using the SuperSU app?

This will remove root completely from any rooted Android smartphone or tablet.

Now, if you have custom recovery installed, it will not remove that (you will have to re-install stock recovery or re-install stock firmware), but this will remove root completely for devices that only have root installed.  (E.g. if you have a rooted Droid Razr or One X and rooted without installing custom recovery, this method will completely unroot your device and return it to stock.)


How to Install Google Wallet on ANY Rooted Android Smartphone or Tablet!

For those of you with one of the latest Android smartphones/tablets that have NFC but cannot use Google Wallet (such as any AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon phones), here’s how to install Google Wallet.

Why do you need Google Wallet?

Google Wallet is an NFC-enabled credit card payment system for those of you who don’t know.  Many credit card systems around the world now support NFC-enabled credit cards and Google Wallet, meaning you don’t have to carry your credit cards anymore, just your smartphone.  It’s a great way to pay for things, and much faster than swiping your credit card.


How to Enable U.S. Play Store on Any Rooted Android Smartphone/Tablet!

I’ve been traveling to Asia often lately and found that when I am in countries like South Korea or Thailand (where I am right now), I found that you cannot access certain apps on the Play Store. Now, this can become a headache especially when I can’t get apps like Google Voice, which I need to keep in contact with my friends and voice messages for my phone number in the U.S.  Also, I do enjoy listening to music using Pandora app or watching movies with Netflix when I am traveling outside the U.S.


Kindle Fire Root on Windows, Mac, and Linux Plus Unroot!

Want to root your Kindle Fire?

Well, we’ve got some good news for you, Kindle Fire can be rooted on a Windows, Mac OSX, or even Linux.

Best all, you can unroot anytime back to stock anytime you want.

What can rooting do for you?  Right now not much but in the near future you will be able to install new ROMs on the Kindle Fire, perhaps even run Linux, and a whole lot more.


Droid Razr Rooted, Free Wifi Tether, Unrooted, and More!

Well, today’s been a hectic day for me as I rooted my Droid Razr using Windows, then go free 4G LTE Wifi Tether, then unroot it, then rooted again using Linux.

What a day, here’s all the stuff you need to know about Droid Razr rooting goodness:

How to Root Droid Razr on Windows! – Most mods/hacks on this site requires a rooted Droid Razr, here’s how to root your Droid Razr on Windows! How to Root Droid Razr on Linux/Mac! – For Mac and Linux users, use this for rooting your Droid Razr! How to Get Free Wifi Tether/Mobile Hotspot! – Here’s how to get free wifi tether/mobile hotspot on your Droid Razr. How to Backup/Restore Apps using Titanium Backup App! – Here’s how to backup/restore apps! How to Unroot Droid Razr! – Taking your phone back for warranty?  Here’s how to unroot it back to completely stock.

How to Make OTG USB Host Cable for Galaxy S2 or Xoom!

For those of you with an Android smartphone or tablet that supports OTG USB mode, which allows you to connect USB peripherals such as your USB flash drive, USB Mouse, USB Keyboard, USB Monitor, and more, you can buy an OTG USB Host cable OR you can make your own.