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LG G5 Review! – Top 8 Reasons to Buy LG G5!

For those of you who are thinking about getting the LG G5, here’s the top 8reasons why you should buy LG G5.

First and foremost, if you want to have two back cameras, one primary and other super wide-angle, the LG G5 is definitely the way to go as it offers you a wide-angle camera usually found on much bigger DSLRs/mirrorless cameras.  The primary camera on LG G5 already keeps up with cameras on other flagships like the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and by having additional wide-angle camera, you will be able to take photos otherwise not possible (such as taking a wide-angle shot from the top of Great Wall in China).


LG G5 Camera 4K Cinematic Test!

It’s always fun to make some 4K cinematic videos with new smartphones and today I decided to make one in Thailand since the scene is so different.  What I realized by making this video with the LG G5 is that there are some wide-angle shots you can really get creative with.

As I was making this video, I was able to instantly switch between the regular camera and the wide-angle instantly, which is a plus since you can get two angles in one shot.  Of course, I think Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are still a tad better but if you include the fact LG G5 has wide-angle, this may be the most fun camera to shoot with.


S7 Edge vs. LG G5 vs. HTC 10 Extreme Low Light Camera Test!

In this extreme low light camera test, we take on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. LG G5 vs. HTC 10 taking it around the busy night streets in Nimmanhaemin district of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

What we learned from this camera test is that all of these smartphones do pretty well in extreme low light and the differences are very minor.  In low light, the HTC 10 seems to have focusing problems as we had hard time focusing in many of these shots.  Because of that, many of the shots from HTC 10 came out out of focus while its camera is plenty capable.


LG G5 vs. Galaxy S7 vs. S7 Edge EXTREME Benchmark Test!

In this EXTREME benchmark test, we take up the Samsung Galaxy S7(Exynos) vs. LG G5 vs. S7 Edge(Qualcomm) running the Antutu benchmark multiple times to see which one can outperform in extreme stress/heat to the phone.

What we found was very interesting.  While the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge outperformed the LG G5 in the first few benchmark tests with lower temperatures, the LG G5 came back and ran the benchmarks more stable and solid with lower temps nearing the end of the test.


Galaxy S7 Edge vs. LG G5 Camera Comparison! [Part 1 – Photos]

In this camera comparison, we take up the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge against the LG G5 comparing photos in various different situations including low-light and macro.

Through this test, I learned that the Galaxy S7 Edge fairs a bit better in low-light situations and also picking up more details in shadows.  But what I also learned is that LG G5 is no slouch either, doing fairly well in keeping up with the S7 Edge in most situations.  In fact, the LG G5 also offers a second wide-angle camera, which can come in handy for giving you some excellent landscape photos.


LG G5 Cases! [VRS Design]

If you are looking for some nice cases for your LG G5, definitely check out some cases from VRS Design.

My all-time favorite case is the Crystal Bumper Case, which I also use on my Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.  These cases have a thick clear bumper that allows you to protect your phone while the see-thru design allows you to enjoy the natural colors of you phone.


LG G5 Disassembly Reveals Metal Unibody Design!

This is a video tutorial that shows you how to disassemble and re-assemble the LG G5 for screen replacements and parts repairs. And disassembly LG G5 reveals that indeed the LG G5 is an all-metal unibody design that’s super strong and unbendable.

There’s a main metal frame and also reinforcing metal frame on the LCD which makes it super durable “unbendable” smartphone. Yes, there is paint on top of all metal unibody so it doesn’t “feel” metal but there is certainly more metal in this phone than Galaxy S7. I was rather surprised at how strong the main metal frame is, which is literally a thick piece of solid metal that does not bend at all.

How to Disassemble/Re-assemble LG G5 for Screen Replacement/Parts Repair

LG G5 Unboxing!

Although I have played with the LG G5 over a month ago at MWC 2016, it was great to actually get one for daily driving finally.  Of course, this is a retail T-Mobile unit I bought, which is identical to all the GSM models out there.

My first impressions?

I know many have complained about the design starting with the G5 launch at MWC 2016 but for me, that wasn’t a real concern as I was more interested in its modular features, super wide-angle camera, and the stuff that’s out of ordinary.


LG G5 Hands On!

LG has launched their latest flagship smartphone, the LG G5. This is their 5th iteration of G series smartphones and with their latest version, LG has transformed its phone into a modular with all metal unibody design.

The LG G5 comes with a 5.3-inch quad-HD 1440P display, Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 gigs of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and a micro-SD card slot for expanding storage. There’s also an always-on LCD, that has its own separate power.