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Nexus 6P Unboxing!

In this unboxing of the Nexus 6P, we go through cool things like egging of Nexus 6P to get our frustrations out from shipping delays, low-light quick test of Galaxy Note 5 vs. Nexus 6P, display brightness test, speaker loudness test, Antutu benchmarking and more!

Overall, Nexus 6P is the best Nexus smartphone Google has launched so far with the largest camera sensor size on a smartphone this year resulting in better low-light shots. At $499 for the 32GB model, the Nexus 6P may prove itself to be one of the best phablet smartphones to buy this year.


Note 5 vs LG V10 EXTREME LOW LIGHT Camera Test!

In this EXTREME low-light test, we take the Galaxy Note 5 and LG V10 to low-light extremities.

What I learned from this test?

In auto mode, the Galaxy Note 5 does an excellent job of setting the correct ISO, white balance, and shutter speed automatically to give you the best photos and videos with minimal noise while the LG V10 doesn’t do as well especially as the scenes got darker.


LG V10 Video Camera Real Life Test!

Here’s me doing video camera test of LG V10. I used LG V10 for the entire video, mostly the 4K back camera and the front 120-degree front camera. I wanted to give you a demo of real life results and also results when using stabilizers like a tripod or camera sliders.

I used a mix of auto and manual mode depending on the shot. Manual focus is excellent and much better than Note 5 on the LG V10 and the directional microphone along with audio level control is awesome for precise audio control. LG V10 also allows monitoring of your audio with any earbuds/headphones while recording, the only smartphone that does that currently.


LG V10 Unboxing & Review!

The LG V10 comes with a Snapdragon 808 processor w/ 4gigs of RAM, 5.7-inch 1440P screen with a secondary screen, 16MP back camera w/ laser focus, two 5MP front cameras, 3000mAh removable battery, microSD card slot, and nano-SIM card slot.

The new LG V10’s design is more or less rugged, features stainless steel rails on the sides with textured hard plastic back cover, which helps you hold the phone and does not get any fingerprints. While the LG V10 design doesn’t look pretty as the Note 5, it is more practical and functional in my opinion and I rather have practical design than a pretty lookin’ glass back that I would need to use a case anyways.


OnePlus Two Review! – Best Dual-SIM Smartphone under $400!

Okay, guys so I have to admit that I wrote the whole script for the OnePlus Two two weeks back but since I got the Moto X Pure and a bunch of new phones came out, it got delayed plus my thoughts on this phone changed drastically due to lots more phones coming at near the same price as the OnePlus Two. When I first got the OnePlus Two few weeks back, it was undeniably the best smartphone you could buy under $400. Well, fast forward a few weeks and the smartphone world has changed a LOT.


LG V10 vs. Galaxy Note 5!

LG V10 has been announced and is it better than the Galaxy Note 5? Let’s find out!

First, LG V10 and Note 5 both have 1440P screens. While the LG V10 has IPS LCD, the Note 5 has AMOLED screen. Of course, don’t forget LG V10 comes with a secondary screen on top of the phone while the Note 5 comes with a pressure-sensitive screen that allows for super accurate writing/drawing with its S-Pen. In terms of what you get, notifications/shortcuts versus life-like notebook, the Note 5 certainly wins in the display category nevermind AMOLED screens are about 20-30% brighter than IPS LCD.