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Pixel XL vs Pixel vs Nexus 6P vs S7 Edge Screen-On-Time Battery Test!

In our latest HighOnAndroid SOT Test, we take up Google’s latest Pixel XL and Pixel versus last year’s Nexus 6P and also the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The results are very interesting as the Pixel XL and Pixel prove themselves as one of the best in having longest battery, just behind the Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7, current kings of HighOnAndroid SOT tests.


LG G3 vs. G Flex 2 vs. Galaxy Note Edge SOT(Screen-On-Time) Battery Test!

In this HighOnAndroid SOT test, we pit the LG G3 against G Flex 2 and the Galaxy Note Edge.

The LG G3 and Note Edge both have 1440P screens while the G Flex 2 has a 1080P screen.  Also, the Note Edge sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor  while the LG G3 sports Snapdragon 801 and the G Flex 2 the Snapdragon 805 processor.


Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9 SOT(SCREEN-ON-TIME) Battery Test!

The display is the most power-hungry hardware on your Android smartphone.  Most smartphones battery life efficiency can be determined by measuring the SOT(screen-on-time).  But is it possible to do this in a controlled environment?

If you wanted to get SOT (Screen-on-time) results accurately, you cannot do it unless you do it in an isolated environment testing the actual screen-on-time as people use their phones differently.