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VLOG #1 w/ LG V20 Camera!

The other day I realized that the best way to test a smartphone camera is to really try it out in real life.  So, here’s my first VLOG using LG V20 camera, using the 4 different camera angles on the phone.  Also, I’ve included some slow-motion footage using the slow-motion mode and also speeding up photos taken with the burst mode.


Galaxy Note 7 Waterproof Test in HOT Spa for an HOUR!

Here’s an extreme test of Galaxy Note 7’s IP68 waterproof design, we put the phone in 100+ degree of hot spa water for an HOUR!  Will it blow up?

Many waterproof tests have been done in the past and the Galaxy S7 Edge (which has same waterproof design as Note 7) lived up to freeze tests, but there are no previous waterproof tests involving high temperatures with long hours in water.


Galaxy S7 vs. LG Washer Water Test! [DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME]

In this video, we test the Galaxy S7’s waterproof IP68 rating vs. LG Washing Machine for a full cycle of 45 minutes in water. Will the Galaxy S7 survive the beating? FYI, I almost had a heart attack making this video so please thumbs up thx!

I used VRS Design Crystal Mixx case for this test. Since we are only testing waterproofing, I needed something to protect against scratches when the phone banged the metal innards of the washer. You can check out my case video here.


Xperia Z5 Premium 4K Camera Test! [Hand-Held]

Here’s 4K video camera test using my Xperia Z5 Premium w/ SteadyShot on which is basically software stabilization. All of the shots in this video were hand held except the driving shots which was mounted on my Delkin car mount.

Also, when mounted on my car mount, there still is some shakes but SteadyShot really stabilized the shot near flawless, I feel like it’s better than anything else I’ve tried on my car mount so far.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Drop Test!

Well, I decided to do a drop test with my brand, new Galaxy Note 3, since I had to break the screen anyways to do a future screen replacement video.

It turns out that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 actually is pretty durable as the screen lived though a pocket drop, 5’9″ drop from the head, and even completely face-down drop from 5’9″.  In the end, I did a near 7-foot drop, which was probably inevitable to expect not to break.


Galaxy S4 Active EXTREME Pool Test!

In this episode of HighOnAndroid Show, we take the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active to an “extreme” underwater pool test.

First, we do a test of the S4 Active around 2-3 feet under water, which is its waterproof rating (anything under 1M or 3 feet) and test out some of the 1080P video footage and audio. It worked out quite well, the underwater videos are crisp and clear while you can still hear some audio under water.