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How to Watch NBA Finals LIVE Online Free on Android! [Warriors vs. Cavaliers]

For those of you who want to watch the NBA Finals Game 5 or 6 LIVE on your Android (or iOS device), there an easy free way to do it.

Yes, I am currently in Thailand and this is the only way I will be able to watch it.

Step 1. Sign up for 7-day free trial at SlingTV (Sling.com).  Sign up for the basic $20 service.  You will need a credit card to sign up, but won’t be charged until after 7 days.


How to Install Android N Keyboard APK on Any Android!

For those of you who want to experience Android N keyboard, now you can install on any Android device using the Android N Keyboard APK file.

The new Android N keyboard now have cool features like custom themes (different colors/your own image) along with keyboard height option similar to LG G5 keyboard.   If you have larger device like Galaxy Note 5 or S7 Edge, this will help you make the keyboard bigger and make typing easier, especially if you have large hands.


How to Connect USB Flash Drive & SSD to USB Type C on Android! [OTG]

In this tutorial, we show you how to connect various different USB devices like a USB flash drive, SSD, mouse, or even a keyboard to Android devices using USB Type C using OTG cable.

Since newer smartphones like LG G5, Nexus 6P/5X, and One Plus Two use USB Type C, you will need to grab a USB Type C OTG cable.  (We recommend the iXCC USB Type C OTG cable.)  You can also use regular USB Type B OTG cable with adapter but the file transfer speeds will be much slower so we don’t recommend it.


Google Daydream VR Demo & How to Install On Android N!

Google has announced Daydream VR coming to next Android N a few weeks back and it should be coming soon to everyone but if you want to check out the beta Daydream VR demo, you can do it if you have a Nexus device with Android N.

Now, currently the only app it has is a beta painting app that is a watered-down version of Google Tilt Brush but with this app you can experience Daydream VR along with a 3D controller (using a 2nd phone as emulating controller).


Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Review! [After A Month]

I want to start this review out by focusing on what I like most then pointing out problems and things you may want to consider when buying them.

What’s Great about the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge?

First of all, both Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge feature IP68 water resistant rating which is probably the coolest feature. In fact, what’s amazing is that these phones can survive harshest conditions, even surviving a full wash cycle in my LG washer and actually being froze in my freezer, you can check out those videos on my channel. Okay, maybe this isn’t a feature you may be interested in but if it is, may be you live in Seattle where it rains often or you like to play with water often, this could potentially be the reason to buy a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.  Think of all the possibilities, you can use your phone in the rain, record videos underwater, watch youtube videos in the shower, etc…etc…


HTC 10 Cases! [Spigen]

Spigen sent us a bunch of their latest cases for the HTC 10, here’s our quick round-up overview.

(Click on photos below to enlarge!)

Spigen Crystal Shell Case for HTC 10 – My favorite of them all, this is a single layer case that has a rock-hard shell with extra protection in the corners.  This case is not too thick, transparent to show off the natural colors of your HTC 10, and also protects your phone very well with its hardened TPU.


HTC 10 Unboxing & Close-Up Photos!

We have finally unboxed HTC’s latest flagship Android smartphone, the HTC 10.  One of the biggest changes/updates from previous HTC flagships is that the HTC 10 comes with a 1440P screen, USB Type C w/ Quick Charge 3.0 support, and OIS for both front/back cameras.

This is probably the most exciting HTC smartphone we have yet seen so far.  We should have a full review of this bad boy but in the meanwhile, please enjoy our unboxing video and close-up photos below:


Galaxy S7 Edge EXTREME Benchmark Test with ICE!

In this EXTREME benchmark test, we put the Galaxy S7 Edge under water with LOTS of ICE to lower its CPU temperature and maximize performance.


What we found was very interesting, the international S7 Edge with Exynos 8890 didn’t see as much improvement with Antutu scores of 134,327 while the U.S. S7 Edge with Qualcomm 820 scored 138,520 on Antutu.