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App of the Week! – AirDroid Connect Your Android via WiFi to your Computer Instantly!

Here’s a really cool app called AirDroid that lets you connect your Android via WiFi to your computer instantly. What I like the most is the ease of use on this app, simply run it and it connects your phone to your computer instantly. You can easily copy files to your phone wirelessly without messing with any IP addresses and whatnot. Besides that, there’s some other neat features like being able to send SMS messages on your computer.


HTC One X Review – Best Smartphone Camera with Continuous Shooting

Honestly, after using the HTC One X for a week, I wasn’t so impressed that it had the fastest quad-core Tegra 3 processor nor the fact that battery life was most miserable out of all my Android smartphones.

But what impressed me the most was its continuous shooting mode.  In fairly good light, you can capture some of the most interesting photos you can’t otherwise with another smartphone.  It’s continuous shooting mode is built in to the One X phone so it gives you full 8 megapixel photos at 4fps and up to 20 continuous photos, which is about 5 seconds of continuous shooting.


HTC One X Review!

HTC One X is a pretty darn good phone, the fastest Android smartphone (as of this video) with a quad-core Tegra 3 (or dual-core Qualcomm S4 for U.S. versions).

Pros: Great camera for photos, continuous shooting mode at 4fps, lots of tweaking like vignette and other lenses supported. Best camera on smartphone yet for still photos, there’s no doubt about that. Also great for taking action shots with its continuous mode.


Which Carrier Has Best 4G Plan? AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile?

In this video, we go in-depth which U.S. carrier has the best 4G plan.

4G LTE is without a doubt the fastest 4G network with best coverage but is it right for you?

With 2-3GB 4G LTE plan, you are going to run out of bandwidth very quickly if you watch 2-3 hours of Netflix or 5-6 hours of Pandora. After that, you do have the choice of paying $10 per extra gigabyte or even if you have unlimited, you will most likely be throttled by carriers.


New iPad 3rd gen vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1!

If you have been wondering if New iPad is “magical”, you might want to take a look at this video comparison between the New iPad 3rd generation and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for a reality check.

Yes, the New iPad 3rd gen comes with a higher-resolution screen but that’s about it and there’s virtually zero apps that can support that resolution. Worst of all, in our tests we found out that the apps on the New iPad such as Netflix or other video streaming apps still streamed in same/lower resolution as its Android rivals like Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Transformer Prime.