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Droid Razr Review!

Do you want the world’s thinnest smartphone with 4G LTE?

If you answered yes, you might want to check out the Droid Razr review.

The Droid Razr is the world’s thinnest smartphone with thickness at just 7.1mm (compared to 8.49mm Galaxy S2).  It also packs TI OMAP 4460 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, the same one found on Galaxy Nexus.  On top of all, the world’s thinnest smartphone supports goodies like 4G LTE (which is currently the fastest, most reliable 4G in the U.S.), micro-HDMI output, and full 1080P video recording with image stabilization.

Pros World’s Thinnest Smartphone – This phone is really, really, really thin. Verizon’s 4G LTE is fastest and most reliable 4G service in the U.S. period. Latest TI OMAP 1.2Ghz dual-core processor Full 1080P video with image stabilization Cons Display is a bit grainy No back cover, meaning you can’t replace the battery.

Why Root My Android Phone?

A question I get probably at least 10 times a week is, “Why root my Android phone?”

First of all, what is rooting?

Rooting means you can get “full root access” to your Android operating system, allowing you to do whatever you want, install new ROMs, modify the operating system, and a whole lot more.


Download Android Market 3.3.11!

Android Market 3.3.11 is being deployed slowly throughout the world and if you want to have it like “right now”, you can by downloading the APK file below and installing it on your phone. The new Market 3.3.11 lets you choose to auto-update all your apps, update only on WiFi, and other changes.


How to Make OTG USB Host Cable for Galaxy S2 or Xoom!

For those of you with an Android smartphone or tablet that supports OTG USB mode, which allows you to connect USB peripherals such as your USB flash drive, USB Mouse, USB Keyboard, USB Monitor, and more, you can buy an OTG USB Host cable OR you can make your own.


Best Android Keyboard App!

Not all of you may agree but after owning literally dozens of Android smartphones, I think I have finally found the best keyboard app.  That is actually the keyboard on a Samsung Galaxy S2.  It’s not the keyboard itself that makes it a good keyboard (it’s just a plain Android keyboard) but the hauptic feedback settings(vibration levels) and the accompanying sound feedback and let’s me type faster than any other Android keyboard.


Go Launcher EX Review! [App of the Week]

So for this week, I’ve got the Go Launcher EX review, app of the week!  I’ve actually run into this launcher app as of this week and one of the features I ***LOVE*** about it is the fact that you can uninstall apps with ease, in fact you can just uninstall them in app drawer.


T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Unboxing!

Well, just received a brand new T-Mobile Galaxy S2 unboxing, here’s unboxing video!

Difference between other Galaxy S2s? The T-Mobile comes with a Qualcomm s3 1.5Ghz dual-core processor instead of Samsung Exynos 1.2Ghz dual-core.