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CyanogenMod on HP TouchPad!

I am probably the last person who’s gonna tell you to run Android on HP TouchPad because I think WebOS is so much better already than Android nevermind lack of apps.  But since HP stopped supporting their own tablet line, it might be actually a good idea to run Android on it.  But no, I am not getting one because I don’t want to be stuck with a legacy, never-will-be-updated tablet device.


Bolt Browser Review for Android!

Bolt Browser was launched yesterday, a new browser that’s suppose to use cloud servers to make your browsing much faster, sorta like what Amazon’s Kindle Fire browser is supposed to do.

Well, upon trying it out, I was rather disappointed, does not live up to expectations.  However, I like the concept Bolt Browser preaches, it’s a great concept to be able to stream content from their cloud servers.  If they keep working at it and improve their services over the next couple months, I think they have a shot of going mainstream.


Nexus Prime Launch Date! – November 3rd!

Nexus Prime launch date?  Although it’s not official by any means, insider sources say that it will be November 3rd.

Will you be getting one on launch date?

The idea I’m getting from official testers is that the screen and user experience is much better in the Nexus device, and the overall advantage is the presence of Ice Cream Sandwich (I’ve personally noted this to be true). But I’ve also been told by those who have tested it that the RAZR is very fast, smooth, and has a great battery life. The screen, although not quite up to Nexus, is a big improvement over the Bionic for those who didn’t like it. Verizon is very, very excited for both devices. I don’t get the feeling they’re “siding” with one over the other, but I can tell you that they never had a lot of confidence in the Bionic having a lot of staying power. Their decision to release the Bionic as is was more of a contractual obligation than a real belief in the product. They are much more invested in the RAZR.


NFL Mobile App FREE for Droid Bionic Users for this Football Season!

Want to supercharge your NFL experience during this football season?  Well, for those of you with a Droid Bionic you are in luck as NFL and Verizon have teamed up to give you FREE NFL Live through the NFL Mobile app (others will have to pay monthly charges to use the app).

If you are a football fanatic, just go install NFL Mobile app off the market, sign in with your Verizon online credentials, and start enjoying live-streaming NFL football right on your phone like me.


Best Nexus S 4G ROM?

For those of you rooted Nexus S 4G users, you might want to upgrade your ROM and kernel to one of the fastest combos, CyanogenMod 7 ROM coupled with Trinity kernel overclockable upto 1.544Ghz stable.

Yesterday I was doing some Quadrant on this very setup and getting near 5500 on Quadrant benchmarks. Perhaps you can do better?