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What is RAM & RAM Management?

For those of you who don’t know what RAM and RAM management are, here is brief overview of how they work in an Android smartphone (or any other computer device).

First off, RAM stands for Random Access Memory.  RAM is a type of temporary storage that is much faster than your internal storage(or hard disks for computers).  This temporary storage is used as a “middleman” between your internal storage and your display.

Why use RAM?

What is an Android Custom ROM?

What is a custom ROM and Why install it?

Custom ROM is a modified Android Operating System so you can get extra features from your phone otherwise not possible on stock.  Think of it as upgrading your tiny wheels on your rice beater to 21” rims, or maybe even putting a Corvette engine in it.

So, what features can custom ROM bring you?

What is AOSP?

Probably the most common question I get these days is, “what is AOSP?”

Well, AOSP stands for “Android Open Source Project”.  Basically, AOSP refers to Google’s Android operating system.

Now, what does AOSP mean for rooting and custom ROMs?

You probably have seen “AOSP” ROMs versus TouchWiz, Sense, MotoBlur, etc…etc…