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Of course, that’s not all. This light bulb also can sync to your favorite music. Simply turn on your favorite music and the light bulb will sync to your music with various different colors. If you want to convert your bedroom into an instant nightclub, this is definitely it!

Now, if you want to sync to other music or sounds not on your phone, you can set it to microphone mode, that will allow to easily sync to other speaker devices and yes, it can even sync to your voice.

There are even more features and you can even use it as an alarm system that will gradually brighten in the morning. I feel like this smart LED has really transformed my bedroom as I can really get different lighting depending on what I am doing but if you are looking for the best smart LED that is simple to use, this is definitely it so definitely check it out if you haven’t messed with a smart LED before.

You can grab this on Amazon for $29.95.

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  1. Zoli Sabo says:

    looks great! only how much working hours can withstand?