TWRP Recovery

This page is dedicated to TWRP recovery for various different devices, you will also need, Windows USB drivers, and Magisk.

Download – Link

Download Windows USB drivers – Link

Download Magisk – Link

OnePlus 5T

Download OnePlus 5T TWRP Recovery – Link

Pixel 2

Download Pixel 2 TWRP Recovery image – Link

Download Pixel 2 TWRP Recovery zip – Link

Pixel 2 XL

Download Pixel 2 XL TWRP Recovery image – Link

Download Pixel 2 XL TWRP Recovery zip – Link

Nexus 6

Download Nexus 6 TWRP Recovery


20 Responses

  1. zohaib says:

    dear team,
    I own lg nexus 4 and its rooted. yesterday I have install custom room 5.0 bt its not working properly after some time my mobile hanged on google screen on start and its not working. I need your help. how can I restore my phone. my data wiped and I also do factory reset via recovery TWRP. pls help me I will be thankfull to you. my whatsap num is 00971566970982

    • Allif Sorne says:

      Hello I am Allif I am Malaysian….
      Okay, I want to ask you how to install/flash (permanent without using ADB) installing twrp custom recovery on huawei y336-u02 ?
      Help me please

  2. Anthony Malave says:

    Hey I am thinking about rooting my Galaxy note 4 t mobile. Can anyone tell me if they rooted it already and how it is running? Also what good roms are out there for 4.4 kitkat? if I run a custom rom for lollipop can I go back to Kitkat? Thanks!

  3. Ranbir Singh says:

    How to install twrp for htc d526g+

  4. Laz EO says:

    Please help me to root huawei mediapad x1 without pc

  5. sanjai says:

    i need a lolipop rom for infocus m2……plzzzzzzzzzzz hlp me admin…………

  6. Joel Santiago says:

    Is there a custom recovery for the Blu Studio 7.0 second gen s480u?????

  7. Röóp Ãcë says:

    i have htc one 4g lte which says no OS installed. How can I install OS in it. I have a OTG Flash drive. but i am unable to find ROM in zip for it. please help me admin

  8. Khaoz says:

    how do you download and install recovery for lg g stylo from boost running 5.1.1 I have looked every where and no videos on it or anything??

  9. desire says:

    slt svp ces la roms a installer avec rom manager ?

  10. aniket gupta says:

    please help me to download twrp in xolo q700s

  11. Zakir Shuvo says:

    please help me to install twrp on galaxy j2 (sm-j200f)

  12. gabriel mataya says:

    please help me i want to have custom recovery for myphone my82 dtv chipset spreatrum sc7731 lollipop

  13. Rodolfo Avendao says:

    please. twrp acer iconia tab 8 a1 840 fhd

  14. Lamar says:

    Is there any way to install twrp on my sm-n900a note 3? I dont have the money to buy a other smartphone, i have leukemia and sever COPD so all of my money goes to my doctors,the hospitals,and my medicine. Yes i know that this is a locked phone but i have rooted it and feel like there has to be a work around and if any man who would how it is you. Can you help me?

  15. PETER says:

    please i need HELP WITH MY NOTE 7

    I have the note 7 but it does note power on until you put the charger, then it will power on, and u can use it for anything, if i connect to the computer it does not power on, and it is not charging and the battery is at 50% always but it does not charge, please help me find a way out, i cant root if it does not power on with the PC. PLEASE HELP ME

  16. gregg Tito says:

    i downloaded twrp recovery for pixel 2xl, worked good the first day but it’s unresponsive now. i can boot my device on twrp recovery but touch screen in not responding

  17. Haitham Elbedawy says:

    Good morning,

    I followed these great steps to root my OnePlus 5T with 2 sim cards (not having a SD card for storage) my device is 128 GB, and shows that only used 25GB, but I’m not capable of running or installing any applications because of space issue, I don’t know what did I do wrong, but I never had this issue before going through the root process. Please help

  18. gregg Tito says:

    rooted my pixel 2 xl , run well for a day, the second day i had OTA upgrade and everything collapsed. Phone won’t now reboot, past the G logo. any advise would appreciate

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