Galaxy Note 9 Camera 4K Cinematic Camera Test!

Here’s a quick Galaxy Note 9 4K cinematic camera test! It seems like the Galaxy Note 9 like to overexpose but other than that, seems like pretty good cameras especially the telephoto camera seems sharper and better images than the LG V40.  As far as exposure, I feel like the LG V40 does a TON better in auto mode.  Also, the controls for manual mode(Pro mode) on the Galaxy Note 9 is hard to use as the dials are a bit finicky.  At times, I have to really try to register my fingers correctly or the dials just simply don’t work and another reason I just don’t use manual controls on the Galaxy Note 9.  I used auto mostly which works quite fine but like I said, I had to manually adjust the exposure down to get the proper exposure.

One some of the shots in the beginning, I didn’t adjust the exposure so the shots came out way overexposed and I had to cut out the highlights when editing.  This is definitely a different behavior than previous Galaxy phones like the Galaxy S9, Note 8, and S8.  Maybe it can be fixed in a software update but overall, the images came out pretty good, I am amazed especially at the close-up shots of my ice axe, you can certainly use the Galaxy Note 9 or any of the latest flagship phones like LG V40 for professional product videos if you have the correct tools.  See how I made this video here and how you can make professional videos with a smartphone.

Also see the same video but with commentary here:

Let me know which you guys like more so I know for future 4K cinematic tests, commentary or no? Thanks!

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