Galaxy S10 Ocean Wave 4K Test!

In this test, we take the Galaxy S10 to see how it fares with the ocean waves in 4K.   Ocean waves are particularly hard on video cameras as the waves literally force every pixel to move in the shot.Also, I actually took the shots in HDR10 then brought back the flat footage so you can view it on non-HDR devices.  The HDR10 is really more like LOG footage that captures more dynamic range and you may be able to use it to capture brighter brights and darker darks.  Of course, this does require you to use a color grading software like Davinci Resolve to bring the levels back but definitely seems to work well for capturing more dynamic range.

As far as image quality, I felt like the regular camera does the best and wide-angle/telephoto were both very soft.  In fact, telephoto seems to lose a LOT of details so I ended up using only 1 out of 10 clips I took.   The ocean waves are especially challenging for video cameras in general and this test proved to me that you will always get the best quality out of the regular back camera.  Of course, in non-challenging situations where a few things are moving, you may be able to get much better footage with both wide-angle and telephoto cameras.

The colors were not touched at all, I only corrected exposure levels and added slightly more saturation.  For this particular test, the footage seems to come out slightly greenish.  Not a huge deal breaker but I am going to keep tweaking with the HDR10 footage.

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