BeastGrip Smartphone Rig Unboxing!

Today, we do unboxing of BeastGrip Smartphone Rig, which is a smartphone rig that has a nice beasty grip along with a bunch of attachment holes, tripod mount, and also macro/close-up lenses.  While there are numerous similar products on the market, BeastGrip seems to be one you want for professional-grade smartphone rig.  It also comes with standard 37mm lens mount that you can mount any 37mm filters or you can also get a 37-52mm step-up ring and use your 52mm filters such as ND filters.  If you are looking to take your smartphone photography or videography to the next level, definitely you will want a good, sturdy smartphone rig, and that’s exactly why I bought one, to take my smartphone videos to the next level.

The BeastGrip is very well made, mostly out of metal and the handles are made from hard plastic molding.  There are 4 holes on the bottom, 2 of which you could use for attaching to a full-sized tripod and the other 2 for accessories.  There are 2 holes also on the top along with a built-in hotshoe mount AND you get an extra hotshoe mount in the box.  Now, I got this so I can use BeastGrip’s Canon Lens DOF mount, which I should have an unboxing of also. (Sorry the FedEx guy did not make it today for some reason, maybe busy day)

For now, I am really satisfied at the build-quality and as you can see in my unboxing video, this smartphone mount works with all sizes including my LG V40 and Galaxy Note 9.  You can also adjust the smartphone mount itself to fit much smaller smartphone or much larger smartphone.  You can grab this on Amazon here.

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