Best Case for Nexus 6P! [Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex]


If you are looking for the best case for your Nexus 6P that provides great protection while not hindering the natural design/colors of your phone, definitely check out Spigen’s Neo Hybrid Ex cases, which come in silver and gunmetal colors (for the border).

I have been looking for such a case on my 6P because my old case was falling apart but Neo Hybrid Ex seems to be the perfect case as I love the transparency so I can see the beautiful silver colors of my phone.  Especially if you have silver or gold Nexus 6P, you are going to love how this case allows you to see through.

Of course, this case also provides great protection against everyday drops as it comes in 2 layers with 1 TPU layer inside and 1 border without making it too bulky.



The 3.5mm headphone jack cutouts are cut out rather big so it can fit different types of headphone jacks, not just small ones.


The bottom USB Type C port is also seen with rather large cut out so you won’t have problems connecting it to any USB Type C cables.


The metallic buttons on the right side of the case are shiny and very clicky, feels great in the hands.


The cutout for your fingerprint sensor makes it even easier to slide your finger for unlocking.

Overall, this is an excellent case and the best case I think you can get for the Nexus 6P that allows you to get full protection while keeping the beautiful design of your Nexus 6P.

You can grab these on Amazon for $17 each. – Link


3 Responses

  1. XgudwilX says:

    Nope.. Cruzerlite is best by far. Over n out.

  2. JVWilliams says:

    Diztronic case is lighter, more flexible and offers better protection w/ thinner silicone for the Nexus 6p ,fwiw. Cheap, too. Only thing is it is solid colored , so you cannot see thru but it ,note that I’ve used both , is the superior case for this “phablet” .I have dropped my delicate 6p onto asphalt in the diztronic and not broken screen nor camera plate on back . it also has the separated buttons on side so pressing the “up” volume doesn’t powercycle the device inadvertantly. No separate ‘binding’ brace runs around the diztronic as it’s a single piece with nice raised edges to protect that crazy nice screen .
    hope this helps someone .

  3. Javi Torres says:

    This case actually sucks. The buttons are not clicky and actually stick sometimes force shuttingdown my phone. Also the rounded edges add way to much bulk to the phone and make for a difficult grip. Its a beautiful case but functionality wise its not a good one. I ended up getting a Ringke clear case instead.

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