Gadget of the Week #3! – Deals Under $50!


For this week’s gadget of the week, I will be showing you 3 deals under $50.

CompacLite – Ultra Portable Chair!

First, let’s start out with my new portable chair called CompacLite. Believe it or not, this compact bag transforms into a super comfy outdoor chair. For those of you who hike, tailgate at your football game, or simply going to the beach, you may want to get this awesome compact chair that costs only $29.99 on Amazon.

Let me show you how quickly you can set up this chair. First, unzip the bag, unfold the chair canvas, put the metal poles together, then put the canvas on the metal structure.

The result? A super comfy portable chair that you can carry around literally anywhere and only weighs 4 pounds. Hey, there’s even slots for your smartphones, that is super High On Android!

Okay, putting it back in the bag also takes less than a minute. Simply pull the tab on the chair to get the canvas off. Then simply unplug the metal poles, fold the canvas, put the metal poles in then roll it like California roll baby. Once done rollin’, simply put it back in the bag, zip up and you are ready to rock again.

Get it here: CompacLite and CompacLite XL (this is the one I got)

360-degree Rotating Selfie Stick!

Pretty amazing. Well, if you like outdoors and taking a lot of selfies, you may want to learn about the next product, which is a selfie stick.

I know, I know, selfie sticks are probably a fad that a lot of you hate and a lot of you love. Personally I never really liked selfie sticks until I saw this selfie stick that has a 360-degree motor. This selfie stick is just like any other selfie stick, you can easily pair it with any Android/iHOs device.

Once paired, take selfies as normal. You can mount your phone vertically or horizontally and fits even large phablets like my Note 5. Here, let me give you a quick demo.

The best part about this selfie stick is that you can easily rotate your phone 360 degrees so maybe you want to rotate your camera while its extended, it’s easily doable by using the control buttons.

This product just came out on the market and you can grab it on Amazon for just $19.99. Costs a few buck more than a regular selfie stick but the 360-degree motor is definitely worth the extra dollars.

Get it here: 360-degree rotating selfie stick

Avantree Priva Bluetooth Transmitter for Smart TV!

Alright, for the final gadget of the week, I have been wondering how I could watch my TV using my bluetooth headsets. Well, most smart TVs don’t come with bluetooth but there’s a product called Avantree Priva Bluetooth Transmitter that allows you to connect up to two different bluetooth headsets simultaneously.

The Avantree Priva comes with the bluetooth transmitter module that’s the size of a Chromecast, 3.5mm wires, 3.5mm to RCA converter wires, and micro-USB cable.

To use, simply connect the 3.5mm wires from the module to your TV, then connect the micro-USB cable from the module to your TV’s USB port, then hold down the power button for a couple seconds until it blinks.

Once it starts blinking, you can pair any bluetooth headset by putting them in pairing mode. That’s it!
If you want to connect a second bluetooth headset for your wife or girlfriend, simply hold down the power button for a few seconds more until it starts blinking. Then put your 2nd bluetooth headset in pairing mode until it connects.

Once connected, you and your lover can enjoy wireless sound from your TV without waking up your kids at night, waking up your neighbors, and watch TV with full stereo blast of your headphones.

Get it here: Avantree Priva II Bluetooth Transmitter for TV

I always wanted to get this and finally was able to test them out. Also, if you don’t have a partner and you only need to connect one headphone, you can grab TaoTronics wireless stereo transmitter, which does the same thing but for one headphone only.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s gadget of the week, if you have any suggestions for next week’s gadget of the week, please leave a comment below, thanks!

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