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You’ve probably seen touchscreen gloves before. I actually have one that I bought in Korea last winter I was there.  Well, these are great but I don’t wear these gloves here in California as the weather never gets too cold plus they are not designed to be used while snowboarding or riding my motorcycle, sorta makes them useless.

Now, what if you could make any gloves into touchscreen gloves?  That way, you don’t have to buy more gloves plus you can make any glove you have into a touchscreen glove, or “smartglove”.

You can do this easily with the Nanotips, this is a liquid with silver nanoparticles that add conductivity to any glove you apply it to.  As its name implies, silver nanoparticles are tiny, microscopic silver particles that can be used in wide range of applications including anti-bacterial, optical, diagnostic, and conductivity.

Now that’s where Nanotips come in, they mix nanoparticles in a liquid form that can be applied to gloves. Once dried, you have fully conductive surface on the tip of your gloves. And you can use your smartphone like normal.

How to apply it?

Step 1. Shake the Nanotips bottle to make sure the silver nanoparticles are evenly distributed.

Step 2. Simply wear your glove then apply the Nanotips where you want conductivity on your glove. You can put it in on the tip, side, wherever you want, but make sure you apply where you will be using it on your phone.

Step 3. Once you have applied it, simply dry it out for couple hours or you can use a hair dryer to dry within 5 minutes, make sure it’s completely dry before using.

Then start using it!

Nanotips work on any type of glove and best of all, it’s waterproof!

Where would this be useful?

Probably not everyone needs this but many of you who wear gloves daily for work may find this useful such as contractors, roofers, electricians, etc…etc…  When you are on the roof and you need to take your gloves off to text back to an important potential customer, you can use your favorite gloves and use your smartphone.  Or maybe you are on the ladder, taking the gloves off could risk you falling. With Nanotips, you can use your smartphone without falling down the ladder.

Perhaps you are snowboarding or live in a cold country. If you live in areas where it snows, you know even a few seconds without your gloves could mean your hands freezing up.  Stop freezing, keep your hands warm by using Nanotips.

Maybe you are on your bike, no more having to take your gloves off when riding around.  I do bike often, and now I can use my smartphone without taking my gloves off.  If you ride a motorcycle, you know how useful this is especially when you take those calls on the highway or need to use your phone to navigate.

Overall, Nanotips is a great idea to add conductivity to anything you have or wear so definitely check it out or keep it in mind because you may need it one day.

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