Touch Speaker Boombox Review – Speaker that Amplifies your Smartphone!


On my recent trip to Thailand, I came across a gadget as a local hobby shop called “Touch Speaker Boombox” that amplifies the sound of your smartphone speakers.  This gadget doesn’t require use of wires of bluetooth to work, all you have to do is place your smartphone on top of the speaker and it will amplify the sound of you smartphone by about 3 times.

At first I was very skeptical but upon buying it and actually trying it for a few days, I was sold on how well this speaker worked!  If you carry multiple phones, you do not have to pair each smartphone, just swap out the new phone and you get a very, nice loud sound.  Now most of you probably would get a bluetooth speaker instead but the sound quality is actually pretty good and the amplification of sound is very loud.

In fact, I think the sound you get out of this is much louder than most bluetooth speakers that cost around $30.   Of course, it’s not for everyone but for events like house parties with your friends, the Touch Speaker Boombox would be a great way to share everyone’s music without having to pair everyone’s phones.

I think this would also be a great gift for non-techies like my mom who I bought her a $200 Jawbone Big Jambox, who got a new smartphone recently and couldn’t figure out how to pair her new phone with it.  I initially was going to buy a regular bluetooth speaker but ended up getting this for my trip here in Thailand and I simply LOVE IT since I switch between multiple Android smartphones on a daily basis.

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