Wireless Charging Qi USB Power Bank!


Couple weeks back I was looking for a product that is truly wireless, a wireless Qi charger that doesn’t require wires.  Well, my search didn’t go too well until I saw one of Flossy Carter’s YouTube videos, where he was testing the Galaxy S6 cases and finding out if thicker cases affected the wireless charging.  In that video, he was using one of these truly wireless Qi USB power banks!

So, I ordered two USB power banks, a Qi-Infinity Wireless USB Power bank and MobilePal Gen-2.  These are both USB power banks with Qi wireless charging built-in so you can wireless charge everywhere you go.  Best of all, once charged up, these USB power banks require absolutely no wires!

Although many people still prefer wired charging as it’s much faster, I have recently moved onto more wireless charging as it’s more convenient and my phone charges without me having to fiddle with any cable.  Especially since my new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge both have wireless charging capability built-in, it’s definitely becoming more second nature to me as I have a wireless charging pad everywhere in my house including my office, bedroom, and even bathroom.

The Qi-Infinity Wireless USB Power bank features 4000mAh battery capacity along with a 5V 1amp output for wired charging and 5V 1amp input for charging the power bank itself.  The coolest feature on this power bank feature a “beep” sound when wireless charging capable device is detected.  This allows users to know that they have successfully placed the phone correctly.  This isn’t exactly a high-capacity USB power bank but it will definitely re-charge most of the newer Android smartphones at least one full charge.   Also, this power bank cannot re-charge itself while charging devices, but it will re-charge once charging has been completed.

The bigger MobilePal Gen-2 USB Power bank features 10,000mAh battery capacity along with two 5V 2.1amp outputs for wired charging and 5V 2amp input for charging the power bank.  This one can re-charge 3 devices simultaneously and feature high-power 2.1amp outputs for wired charging, which is actually better than most regular USB power banks on the market.  And yes, you can also re-charge the power bank itself while charging devices.

Overall, both to these devices offer advantages and disadvantages depending on your use but it is definitely one of the must-have gadgets in your house.  Both are around $40 USD, which is pretty good deal if you ask me.

But why get a wireless Qi USB Power bank?

You get best of both worlds, get a wireless Qi charging pad and USB Power bank all-in-one!  Considering the money you spend on a wireless charging pad (around $20) and USB power bank separately, you can kill both birds with one stone.

So, if you are thinking about getting a wireless Qi pad or a USB power bank, you may as well get one with both on it.  You will actually save money in the long run if you ever need to buy both separately in the future.

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